BTTI 16: Hanson Show #3


Then it was time for the final night and final show 🙁 Again we weren’t sure what to expect but ended up getting another mix of rarer tracks and fan club songs with a few singles thrown in for good measure. Although none of the full band songs got me anything that I hadn’t heard live before I did think that they were some pretty solid setlists.  I think that this was the best year yet, but I can’t exactly tell you why.  Maybe just the overall feeling, the new resort, etc.  And you can’t accuse me of saying that every year because last year I came home not sure if I ever wanted to go again.  This year I am all ready to book whenever it is announced! (Not that there ever was a doubt I’d have ended up there this year…)

Tragic Symphony
Thinking Bout Somethin
And I Waited
Man From Milwaukee
Runaway Run
Already Home
Watch Over Me
Call Out My Name (acoustic)
Never Let Go (acoustic)
A Song To Sing (acoustic)
Musical Ride
Great Divide
Minute Without You
Scream And Be Free
Cut Right Through Me
Penny and Me
Get The Girl Back
Fired Up / In The City
Roller Coaster Love / Whole Lotta Love

Back To The Island
Happy Birthday Andrew

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