overshareI thought that Little Miss Overshare my hit a little bit too close to home since I think I could be considered an oversharer on social media – but oh no. Little Miss Overshare has me beat and probably everyone I know and everyone you know too… which is why she has the title of little miss overshare.  If “TMI” was created for anyone – this would be her!  Little Miss Overshare tells everything to anyone and everyone that she can – and very much so crosses the line with each of her stories.

This is the second in the parody series that I have read, and was also good for a few laughs! Be sure to check it out if you have the chance!

I received a free book from blogging for books in exchange for this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Little Miss Overshare is so very generous, she sometimes gives too much. Too much information! In this heartwarming tell-all tale, she informs a senior citizen about her sex life, discusses her digestive system with her roommate, and chit-chats about her lady problems at the office water cooler. Do you know a silly someone who shares more than her fair share? Then you’ll want to share Little Miss Overshare!

Meet her friends Mr. Selfie , Mr. Humblebrag and Little Miss Basic!

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