Book Review: Teddy Bear Doctor

teddybearTeddy Bear Doctor is a Let’s Make & Play Book and teaches you how to make everything you’d ever need in order to set up a vet office for your child’s stuffed animals in your home. From doctors outfits to home vet kits to a vet office set up, exam room, pharmacy and recovery room – I’m not sure anyone has a playroom actually large enough to create everything in this book! But if your child wants to be a vet and take care of his/her stuffed animals – this book is definitely what you need to get started with some fun pretend play.

I received an e-copy of this book in exchange for this honest review.

About the Book

Got a teddy bear with a tummy ache, a feverish plush puppy, or a dinosaur who scraped her knees while skateboarding? Never fear! This delightful book offers everything kids need to set up their own veterinary clinic and enjoy hours of fun playing doctor with their stuffed animals. It features dozens of DIY projects to make with common household items, including a thermometer made from a pencil, a lab coat made from an old t-shirt, and a hospital bed made from a cardboard box. The book includes four sheets of fun and adorable stickers for making a doctor’s name tag, eye patches, medicine bottle labels, and much more, as well as cute cut-out props, such as a nurse’s cap. For ages 3 to 8.

Book Review: Seinfeld FAQ

seingeldEverything you need to know about the show about nothing. Except that its called FAQ and there’s no questions. One day I guess I’ll figure out why these books are called that! The book is broken down by The Beginning, The Core Four, The Supporting Characters, The World Of Its Own, Episodes, Legacy.  The appendices have information on all the episodes and all the characters, the awards the show won and of course you can’t leave out the team behind creating the show.  If you are a fan of Seinfeld, you will enjoy this book and reminiscing about all of the episodes and characters that were on throughout the years.

I received an e-copy of this book in order to write this review.

About the Book

Is it a show about nothing or one of the greatest TV series of all time? It’s both, of course! Seinfeld’s impact on popular culture was so profound that it continues to this day-years after it left prime time-thanks to its inimitable characters (Newman! Bubble Boy!), its wacky, memorable plots (who can forget “The Contest” or “The Puffy Shirt”?), and the many catchphrases we use regularly (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Seinfeld FAQ is the first-ever comprehensive guide to the sitcom, tracing its path from modest beginnings to water-cooler-show status and to its infamous, love-it-or-hate-it finale. This humor-filled reference tells all about Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer, as well as the other unforgettable characters in their world. It features season-by-season episode reviews and a wealth of fun facts about everything from the characters’ inevitably doomed relationships to their food obsessions and fashion sense (or lack thereof) as well as profiles of actors and other notables.

Broad in scope and yet obsessed with detail (like the show itself), this FAQ is essential reading for anyone who wants to be master of the Seinfeld domain

Book Review: Lusitania

lustitanieLusitania is an illustrated biography about the ship that sunk 100 years ago on May 7, 1915. The book goes through her birth, career and her last days. There are some notes from survivors and since it is illustrated there are a LOT of photos. (In fact, it almost seemed like it was too many photos for my Nook to handle!) The book also contains passenger lists, crew lists, and basically everything you’d ever want to know about the Lusitania. (I’m not sure why I am so fascinated with the Lusitania, but I am, since I first learned about it in school.)  The end of the book contains some colorized photos which was a nice surprise!

If you want to know more about Lusitania or you don’t know much about it at all – either way you’ll leave this book knowing her entire story. Take a journey back in time and find out about this ocean liner.

I received an e-copy of this book in order to write this review.

About the Book

It is now over a year since the Lusitania made her maiden crossing of the North Atlantic. For seven and a half years, she crossed that rugged ocean with punctuality and dependability. She fast became a living legend, the ship of choice for many of the transatlantic travellers. Since her sinking on 7 May 1915, however, her wondrous career and technological marvels have largely been neglected. Instead, the focus has shifted to her political importance, and on numerous conspiracy theories about her last voyage and sinking.]

This illustrated biography of the Lusitania discusses her entire story, from her conception and birth on the Clyde to her career and, finally, her tragic demise off the coast of Ireland; it reveals her as she has never been seen before.

Prepare to take a journey back in time … step aboard the decks of one of the world’s largest, finest, fastest and most beloved ocean liners, and relive her history in all its splendour.

Book Review: Otay! The Billy “Buckwheat” Thomas Story

otayOtay! The Billy “Buckwheat” Thomas Story is written by Billy’s son, Bill Jr.  Billy is most well known for his role as Buckwheat in The Little Rascals / Our Gang.  This book is rather short, but I think it covers Billy’s rise to fame in the Rascals as well as the problems he found adjusting to normal life once he was too old to be part of the gang anymore.

There are also a lot of great photos throughout the book of the gang and on set as well as Billy as he grew up and joined the Army and had a family.

A quick, enjoyable read.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review.

About the Book

A biography by his son!

William Thomas, the man known as “Buckwheat,” one of the most beloved characters in the history of the Our Gang andLittle Rascals films, rose from obscurity to become an American icon. Billy’s heritage grew to be more than the ninety-three comedies in which he appeared as Buckwheat. He was a husband, father, and soldier. Several generations have come to know Buckwheat as if he was a real person, but few knew Billy, the man behind the myth.

In “Otay!” The Billy “Buckwheat” Thomas Story, William Thomas, Jr., Billy’s son, joins with acclaimed author David W. Menefee to brush back the sands of time and unearth the facts beneath the fable. For the first time, the true story is told how producer Hal Roach, Sr. plucked three-year-old Billy from hundreds of children and raised him on a pedestal before an adoring public. For a decade, Billy was the most prominent Black American in motion pictures, but World War Two brought an end to the famous comedy series and a halt to his film career. Billy went on to live a private, nearly normal life, married, fathered an adorable child, and then answered the call to arms and enlisted in the US Army during the Korean War. Years later, imposters attempted to steal his limelight, but Billy forgave the offense with his characteristic, childlike good humor.

In an era when most Black American actors were struggling to gain a foothold in Hollywood, Billy achieved a lasting legacy. Enjoy the timeless tale of a baby superstar, who once shown brightly on movie screens during Hollywood’s “Golden Years” and still fascinates audiences today.

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