July 27, 2015

Book Review: The Great Depression For Kids


The Great Depression for Kids is, as its title says, a book about the Great Depression geared towards kids.  The book starts with a timeline of the Great Depression and then goes on to talk about different aspects of life in more details, but in such a way that kids would not have a problem understanding.  Throughout the book there are also activities for kids to do to be more hands-on when they are learning about the Great Depression.  There are a lot of photos throughout and a lot of great information.  The book also includes additional websites to explore if you are looking for more information than included in the book.

I received an e-copy of this book in order to write this review.

About the Book

American history before and after the Wall Street Crash of 1929

Providing a balanced, realistic picture of a time rife with hardships, The Great Depression for Kids brings the era and key concepts to life. Kids learn about the harsh realities that most Americans could not escape, such as massive unemployment, natural disasters, and economic collapse. They also learn that the 1930s were a time when neighbors helped neighbors; sports figures behaved admirably; and an army of young men rebuilt the nation’s forests, roads, and parks. Librarians delivered books on horseback, a curly-haired child star charmed moviegoers to “stand up and cheer” in the darkest of days, and a little African American girl became the first of her race to participate in the National Spelling Bee. Beginning with an in-depth look at the 1920s, the book builds readers’ background knowledge to help set the stage for the decline of the economy over the next decade. Twenty-one crosscurricular activities help kids learn how to research, buy, and sell stocks; use scientific methods to conduct a survey, re-create Depression glassware; and much more.

Music Monday: Ernie Halter 90s R&B Acoustic Throwback



All My Love
Return of the Mack
I Wanna Know
Always Be My Baby
If I Ever Fall In Love
No Diggity
My Prerogative
You Make Me Wanna
I’ll Make Love To You
This Is How We Do It
Love No Limit

Ernie Halter is one half of my favorite “hid yo kids” remixes… along with Tony Lucca. I think about 5 years ago Antoine Dodson became an internet sensation by telling the news to “hide yo kids, hide you wife” and in true internet fashion it became a song and then Tony Lucca and Ernie Halter did their own remix of the bed intruder song and it is something that I listened to regularly around that time. I love it.

There it is above, in case you want to see what the heck I’m going on about.  Anyway.  Recently Ernie Halter said that he was going to do an album of 90s R&B tracks in a way that only he could.  Knowing what he was capable of from bed intruder and from seeing him live several times, I knew that this was something that I didn’t want to miss out on.

If you love singer/songwriter/broken down acoustic remixes of songs that started out sounding nothing of the sort as much as I do, you’ll love this new album from Ernie! These are some of my favorite songs from my childhood too so it is great to relive that with a bit of a twist!

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