Headliner: NSYNC
Opener(s): Tony Lucca, PDiddy, Not So Boy Band
Cost: $87

Do Your Thing
Bye Bye Bye
For The Girl Who Has Everything
God Must Have Spent a Little More Time On You
Tearin’ Up My Heart
I Wanna Hold Your Hand
Hey Jude
Twist and Shout
My Girl
The Way You Do The Things You Do
I Can’t Get Next To You
Tell Me, Tell Me Baby
No Strings Attached
This I Promise You
I Drive Myself Crazy
I Want You Back

Recap:  What would turn out to be my last NSYNC show… Also the first time I got to meet Tony Lucca and Joey’s dad!  We left before PDiddy’s set so that we could meet Tony and Joe Sr.  Came back in during PDiddy’s set and it was dark. I was convinced we’d never find our way back to our seats but as we were going up the stairs PDiddy asked to turn the house lights on.  How nice of him!

I also had a pretty good zoom (film) camera at this time and I remember everyone being impressed at how “good” the pictures were. (They are horrible by today’s standards but awesome for 2002 fan girl standards!)


Where Are They Now:

NSYNC is still on hiatus. I continue to hold out hope for a reunion tour or even a single reunion show.

Tony Lucca was more recently on The Voice and has been releasing albums via kickstarter and other fan funded endeavors.

Not So Boyband pretty much disappeared after this tour.

PDiddy has probably changed his name 18 more times since 2002…

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