Since I bought  several new Christmas CDs at Christmas time last year – and then never got the chance to listen to them – I figured rather than wait until next Christmas (when no doubt some more Christmas CDs would be released) I would instead do a Christmas in July feature for Music Monday.  Hopefully if you are in a hot place they will make you feel a bit cooler thinking of snow – or if you are freezing in the AC it will feel appropriate. (I was about to put gloves on my my office the other day the AC is just THAT freezing cold in my office!)





The Christmas Song
Jingle Bells
Christmas At Home
Away In A Manger
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
Wrap Her Up For Me
Silent Night
Carol of the Bells
O Come All Ye Faithful

Tyrone is one of my favorite voices. I could just listen to him sing forever! So it’s no problem to listen to him singing about Christmas and snow in July ;).   I also love how he put his own twist on a lot of these songs.  I’m sure you’ve heard Jingle Bells nothing less than 8 million times – but I bet you’ve never heard it quite like Tyrone does it on the album!  He also has 2 original songs on the album in addition to the classics – “Wrap Her Up For Me” and “Christmas at Home”

Christmas at Home is a more emotional track while Wrap Her Up For Me is a more humorous track.

If you’re looking for a new Christmas album for heavy rotation in a few months (or all year round, if that’s your thing) then you should certainly check out Tyrone Wells The Christmas Album. You won’t be disappointed. (It also helps that he has my favorite Christmas song ever on his CD – Carol of the Bells!)

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