June’s Love with Food box’s theme was “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” and definitely hit it out of the park with me!  Pretty much all the items got me excited when I opened the box, but I had to hold back and not eat everything in one sitting.  I did that a few months back and it was NOT a good idea!

Pineapple, Raspberry and Mango Fruit Snacks by YumEarth Organics
Welcome the summer sunshine with these fun tropical snacks made with real fruit extracts and no gluten, dairy,nuts or soy

These Fruit Snacks certainly were yummy! I’d definitely buy these again for a snack.

Gum Balls by Tree Hugger Gum
Pro ball teams can chomp through over 10 cases of gum a season, but we’d recommend this all-natural, vegan,Non-GMO version for your next chew

Loved this gum ball. It was orange and tasted orange and it blew AWESOME bubbles.

Cheddar Baked Fries by Snikiddy
Skip the lines for garlic fries and try these all-natural, non-GMO, baked cheddar fries – with all the flavor but half the fat of traditional friend snacks.

Ate a couple of these and went “YUCK” and then of course no one else was willing to try them after that.

Snap Back Cookie by The Cookie Department
Whenever it’s time to get your game face on, the natural detoxifiers in these cookies will help you snap to attention

Cookie was super fresh right out of the packaging and almost as good as the ones my grandmother used to make! (almost)

Chicago Mix by G.H. Cretors
Shake up this bag before opening for a combination of sweet and salty that knocks it outta the park

These are my 2 favorite flavors of popcorn when I get those big giant tins so I loved that it was just the two of them mixed together in this bag!

Montmorency Cherries by Stoneridge Orchards
These dried cherries have the perfect tart bite, and have been grown in the USA by the same family of farmers for generations

Mom tried these and liked them

Good For You Granola, Almond Butter & Jelly Sandwich by Jolly Oak
You’ll be ready to swing for the fences after starting your day with this all-natural, non-GMO superfood granola

Mom tried these and was not impressed.

Chocolate Cookies by Dulcetto
Whether it’s game day or just Tuesday, you don’t need a special occasion to indulge in this 100-calorie pack of crispy creamy cookies

These were probably the best chocolate cookies I’ve ever had. And at only 100 calories per pack? Amazing.

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