netwarsNetwars: The Code is the first episode in this series. The book is short, only about 60 pages so it was perfect for a quick read! There was so much action and drama going on in it though, you wouldn’t think so much could fit into just a few pages, but it did!  The book is about Anthony Prince and Strider.  Prince is a big shot at a high-tech security firm and Strider is a hacker.  I of course love any high-tech based book so I was certainly into this book and I love thrillers as well.  I can’t wait to read future episodes!  If they are all this short but this jam packed with entertainment as this first one – I am sure to love them!

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.


About the Book

Netwars: The Code. A high-tech serial thriller from the dark side of the net. Episode 1.

Welcome to the Deep Web. Those parts of the internet no search engine explores. The place where you can buy anything. Drugs, children, weapons. 
Anyone can do it. And get away free. 

Anthony Prince, head of PrinceSec, a firm which provides high-tech security for the government and major corporations, dies in a plane crash when crossing the English Channel. Responsible for Prince’s death is a hacker named Strider. His real name is Scott Mitchell and in his day job at the National Cyber Crime Unit he uses legitimate means to get the bad guys. As Strider, his means are less legal. On the same night, PrinceSec is the target of a cyber-attack. When the NCCU is called to assess the damage, a link is found between Prince and a criminal hacker group called Black Flag. The race is on for Mitchell to protect his identity as Strider and to stop Black Flag before it’s too late.

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