-Get Organized – I think I made progress with this, but I still have a ways to go!
-Work on time management – This became easy without work taking up most of my days 😉
-Figure out a budget – and stick to it. – I did well with this too, I think, especially considering the drastic changes with my income.
-Read at least 15 books – The Nook helped me out a lot and I read *43* books this year
-Watch at least 50 movies –  I hit over 90 movies, the new blu ray player with Netflix helped watch movies from bed nearly every night (though more often that not Id fall asleep in the middle and it would take me a couple nights to finish!)
-Get all the pennies available in Connecticut & NYC – Not caught up with either. A couple more to go in NYC and several from CT – most requiring admission which is the cause for delay
-Ride my bike at least 5 minutes a day – FAIL.
-Try to go to at least 1 concert per month – Did this
-See Hanson 50 times (total count) by the end of 2010 (aka 9 shows in 2010) – Did this and then some I am at 57!
-Put all my change in a bank, see how much it is at the end of the year – Have been doing this and will bring it to the bank in the new year (it is missing quarters though because I save those for pennies)
-Get 100% caught up on 8×8 Celeb Book – I am not sure I even worked on this!
-put away pennies and keep trade list organized, online and up-to-date – most penines are away, trade list needs to be re-created.
-get each member of honor society to write my name on an autograph – I got Alex and Jason! 50% is not bad

Penny Visits
-Mystic Village – CHECK
-Mystic Pizza – CHECK
-Mystic Aquarium – CHECK
-Lake Compounce – Still need
-CT Science Center – still need
-Mark Twain House – still need
-Dinosaur State Park – still need
-Times Square Toys R Us – CHECK
-Central Park Zoo – still need

Other places to visit
-Keyspan Park (Cyclone Game) / Original Nathan’s / Coney Island NOPE
-Ellis Island NOPE
-Central Park (Bethesda Fountain) NOPE
-Sit on the steps of the Met NOPE
-Go to Carnegie Deli NOPE
-Visit Dylan’s Candy Bar NOPE
-MACYS Herald Square NOPE
-Yankee Stadium Hard Rock Cafe NOPE
-Jay and Silent Bobs Secret Stash NOPE
-Hoboken Train Station (for better pics) NOPE

-See NYC on a double decker bus NOPE
-See Harry Potter Museum Display (Boston until Feb 21) NOPE
-Tim Burton Display at Moma (NYC until April 26) NOPE
-Corbin Bleu on Broadway (Jan 25 – April 25) NOPE
-The Lion King On Broadway NOPE
-Titanic the Exhibit (NYC until end of Feb??) CHECK

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