Surprise Me Secret Santa!

This year I participated in the Surprise Me Secret Santa blog hop from Simply Stacie and Survey Junkie.  Everyone who signed up was paired up and then had to purchase a secret santa item for that person and mail it to them.

I had mine sitting under the tree for a while – but my mother eventually pestered me enough about “when are you going to open it!” that I did a couple of days ago.

Everything was in a nice bag with sushi on it. The bag will definitely come in handy for storing some of my loose scrapbook embellishments! It is made out of a nice, strong material too. We don’t have cool stuff like that around here! Also in the package was a silver heart with “Love” written on the other side of it.  A nice little tin with fairies on it (I already have some scrapbooking brads being stored in it! It is the perfect size and so pretty!) Inside the tin was a green heart shaped stone that is very smooth and great colors.  And there were some decorative tissues. Which will definitely come in handy in my purse this winter!  My secret santa, Tracy, also sent me a letter telling me a little bit about herself and her family.

I love my gift and am trying to find a “home” in my room for the hearts where I can see them all the time!  Maybe propped up on one of my shelves? We’ll have to see where they look best 🙂 

A photo of everything (taken from my phone so not the best quality) can be found under the cut 🙂

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