I’ve never really been a fan of the comments on Blogger.  I just updated the blog and now have comments through ‘Disqus’.  Old entries will not be affected but everything from here on out will have the new comment feature.  It will also allow for replies to be nested and some other cool features I still have to figure out 😉  So please just put up with me for the next day or so while I get everything figured out!

Edit:  It looks like the comments are going to go back and forth for a bit.   I like to use the “schedule” feature on blogger and set up posts when I have the free time and schedule them to post on certain days at certain times.  It looks like any scheduled posts will have the old blogger comments, but anything new will have the new ‘Disqus’ set up.  I might try to wipe out blogger comments entirely and import any comments from that post back in, depending on how much of a task that will end up being.  But if you see posts going back and forth with the comment set up, you’ll know which ones I cheated on and wrote up in advance 😉  (mainly would you rather wednesday!)

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