I will admit it, scrapping only concerts can get a bit boring.  Especially when I now have to find creative ways to scrap Honor Society – my 24th and 25th time seeing them.  It’s hard to stay creative and keep ideas fresh. A friend recommended a page to me from scrapbook.com


What you do, is upload the photo(s) you want to use on your layout.  It pulls out the colors that are in the photo and you can choose ones that you like and then find Monochrome, Complementary, Triadic, Analogous or Split Comp colors that will go together in a layout.

Below the suggestions, they also promote items that they sell in their store which would help you achieve this color layout.

Last month, I uploaded my photo of me and Jordin Sparks and one of the color matches reminded me of a paper that I had just put away. Within minutes, my M&G; with Jordin layout was complete! I am hoping the same will happen for the last few events from April that I still need to scrap so I can clear out all my photo cases for the next wave of June events which photos should be coming in the mail any day now!

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