What a crazy day today!

This morning I get a phone call that I won tickets and a M&G; to see Adam Lambert tomorrow at the casino.

Then I went to see Justin Bieber (with tickets I had also won) and get an email that I won a poster contest and won tickets to see the American Idols on tour.

During the Justin Bieber show I get an email that I won a blog contest I had entered for Snazzy Lites, which are “fun, fast non damaging clipped in hair color” so now when I want a splash of something fun, I can pop in one of those! (I went for red and blue) Instead of needing to wait 3 hours for my hair to get bleached as white as it can and then colored! Yipee!

I also got some fun products from Crayola to try out for them – they look like a LOT of fun and I will be sure to blog about them (if I am allowed!)

More on Bieber coming later!!

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