Although I am out of scrapbook pages to post as a “Flashback” I have decided to continue the regular (or it might become semi-regular) tradition of posts on Fridays.  I have been going through all my past concerts and getting set lists and openers figured out, putting them all into a moleskine book so that they are all in one spot. (Until I lose the book)

While I have been going through everything, I keep wondering about what happened to some of the opening acts that I have seen.  Did they break up? Go on to sell a million records?  Still in the business trying to make a name for themselves?  I have seen a variety of openers – local openers who won contests, bands just starting out and touring with label mates, bands who were friends of the main act, etc.

So on Fridays, I will try to find out about the past opening acts I have seen and write up a couple paragraphs on what I was able to find on them, or what I wasn’t.  I hope this will be interesting to more than just me… but I started this blog to try and keep up with writing so really if you don’t find it interesting then that stinks for you 😛

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