Last night, Tinted Windows played at the Wolf’s Den at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT. This venue is very unique. It is right smack in the middle of the casino, is completely seated and holds 200 people. There are no tickets, it’s all done on a first come first serve basis. If its a popular show and you don’t get inside the seated area, you can stand around the perimeter or even sit down at a slot machine and still have a great view!

When we arrived at 6pm, there were maybe 20 people in line. I went to find Mohegan’s version of Texas Tea, a machine I loved at Foxwoods. The game was totally different and quickly I was down $10. A little after 7 I went and got a seat. This was my first time being seated on the floor. There were 5 others at my table and we didn’t talk too much. (2 of the 5 didn’t show up until just minutes before the band came on stage though)

James Iha walked through the seating area, right past our table and looked right at me. I was shocked no one else seemed to notice him walking by. Although it did seem like most of the crowd was there for Taylor Hanson.

At 8pm the band took the stage! A couple songs in I started to feel a very cool and refreshing sensation. Oh, wait, the kid seated across from me knocked his water over which ended up all over my LAP. Oddly enough, earlier in the evening I was debating on what shorts to wear. WHY this was an issue, I don’t know as the shorts I have dubbed my “concert pants” should have been the ones to wear, right? WRONG. I opted to wear a pair made out of a windbreaker like material. The water ended up not getting absorbed by the pants at all so within another song or so I was dried off. And the kid sitting across from me was embarrassed and super apologetic. No biggie, it was only water! (And it didn’t make me look like I had an accident so really, I couldn’t hate on him too much)

Taylor and Adam encouraged the crowd to stand up (We were at a casino, but it was still a rock concert, after all) and many stood up and made their way to the stage. I opted to stay back, but HAD to stand up during the first song of the encore – if not Taylor wouldn’t start singing. And who wanted to be held responsible for that? Certainly not me.

They played for an hour, and the set list was exactly the same as the NYC show. (boooooring!)

Then I decided to try and win my money back on a Munsters nickel machine. For the night, I ended up losing only $2.40 and the concert was free so really, not a bad trade off at all!


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