A thousand years gone by.. you and I

5 years ago my friend Erin and I went on a crazy adventure. I’m not even sure why my parents even allowed me to do this, but it was crazy. Erin and I followed Hanson’s Underneath tour for a week – To CANADA.

August 16, 2004 – Erin arrive at my house from Virginia
August 17, 2004 – Concert #1 in Wallingford, CT where I had the pleasure of interviewing Hanson as the “hanson.net reporter” before the show
August 18, 2004 – we drove to Niagara Falls, Canada (boooring ride)
August 19, 2004 – we saw Hanson in Toronto, Canada
August 20, 2004 – we saw Hanson in Ottawa, Canada
August 21, 2004 – we drove to my uncle’s in New Hampshire by way of Montreal and Vermont.
August 22, 2004 – we saw Hanson in Portland, ME and then we drove all the way back home to CT.

We also managed to go to EVERY Hard Rock Cafe in the entire country of Canada. YEAH. (Niagara Falls, 2 in Toronto, 1 in Ottawa and 1 in Montreal)

Most notable of the trip was that we stayed in a hostel that used to be a jail. Erin took a tour of death row at like, midnight. I don’t think we got much sleep at all that night (terrified) and were up and at ’em at like… 8am and then off to Montreal.

Originally, we were going to roll in to the Ottawa show late. Then Erin got a M&G; so there went that idea. Toronto is like 5 hours from Ottawa. I slept most of the trip. Erin said I slept for like.. 400 exits. Awesome. We also ended up front row somehow for that show. I don’t even know. (And after the show we had a fun fight with Isaac!)

When I was reporter I asked Hanson why they were playing so many old songs, and not stuff off underneath. The next show in Toronto Zac goes “someone said we weren’t playing enough songs off the new album.. so here you go” and proceeded to play my favorite song off the album, Broken Angel. Score one for me.

I’ll have to dig up some pictures from the trip and make a post with them. Remember the time…

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