In the summer of 1997, Hanson performed at kids day. I found out after the fact that a friend of my dads would have taken me and I have been bitter about it ever since.

When I found out Honor Society would be playing the event this year, I knew I had to go. We ended up getting general admission tickets and just before the event Lauren won tickets from Twist Magazine that were much better than what we had.

Hurricane Danny tried to ruin our day, it was raining a lot in the morning but when it was time for the stadium show, the skies cleared.

We got to see a bunch of tennis stars as well as comedic actors will ferrell and will arnett play in a game ref'ed by Kenan of SNL.

Jordin Sparks performed first, singing Battlefield, One Step At A Time and SOS (Let the Music Play)

Honor Society was up second and played Over You and See U In The Dark. There were people honor rolling in various sections of the stadium. It was such a proud moment to be a part of their national television debut.

Justin Bieber was the 3rd performer and did 3 songs which were hard to hear due to all the girls screaming for him. I wasn't all that impressed with him.

We also got a close up view of the unisphere and the spaceships for Men In Black.

Despite the staffers not being very knowledgable and a few overzealous parents, it turned out to be a great day! (And I told a woman I was 12 to get a free hat. I was supposed to be there when I was 12, so maybe now I won't be bitter anymore lol)

Photos of the performances and tennis stars coming soon!!
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