Javier Colon

Javier Colon at the Wolf’s Den

Sunday night Javier Colon, Connecticut native and winner of season 1 of The Voice had a concert at the Wolf’s Den at Mohegan Sun.  We got there a little after 6 after getting stuck in a crazy rain storm and walked right up to get seats (after I was carded, of course, since it is a 21+ venue because it is inside the casino).  I was a bit worried that he wouldn’t get a good turn out, but even though there was not a massive line like I have seen for some other acts, the seats did fill in and there were people around the outer perimeter by the time the show started at 7.

He started on stage by himself singing Bonnie Raitt’s Can’t Make You Love Me.  Then his band joined him.  As always he did a mix of covers and songs off of his album.  He did quite a few songs that I had never heard him do before from his older albums which was a nice treat.  It seemed like a lot of people in the audience had known him for years and were there to support him. (If you know him apparently you refer to him as “Javs”)

I went with my mom this time, it was the first time she saw him so when he started talking about Ok Here’s the Truth I warned her it was sad. She asked “Will I cry?” and I said yes.  After the show she told me that she thought the wife was cheating and that would be bad enough and that she did have a tear in her eye.  It is crazy that no matter how many times I hear that song, it gets me EVERY time. You’d think by now knowing what’s coming it wouldn’t affect me anymore, but it does.

He only played a bit of Taylor Swift’s Mean – he said they toured the Taylor Guitar factory (i think? something to do with Taylor guitars) and he saw her poster on the wall and had the song stuck in his head ever since so he played a little bit of it and then after the final song he played some more of it again.

He also never left the stage for the encore, just told us to pretend he did and cheer and then it wouldn’t waste time and he could squeeze in another song for us.   He also mentioned hoping that it would be the first of many shows in that room and I hope so too because I love the Wolf’s Den (especially since the shows are free!) and obviously would love to see Javier and his band over and over again!

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Javier Colon Ridgefield Playhouse

Thursday night Javier Colon kicked off his latest tour at the Ridgefield Playhouse in Ridgefield, CT.  (And tickets were twice as much as when he played there before he won The Voice! But he is well worth the price.)

The show kicked off at bit early, at 7:45 with Kevin Daniel.  He did a few songs and I was trying to keep track of the setlist (as this was the first show this year with an opener and I had said I would try to better keep track of the setlists so I could talk about specific songs) but then I accidentally deleted it in a fit of rage. (You’ll hear more on that in a bit.) Unfortunately I couldn’t get too into his set because a couple behind me showed up and were ridiculously loud. The guy announced “people are watching me now!” and were just being incredibly loud and obnoxious.  Once they sat down they continued to talk for the entire set, despite being told to “shh” numerous times.  Then the girl spilled her drink and the guy said “I think she had one too many” and all the women in my row jumped to grab their purses off the floor and sat with them on their laps for the entire show to avoid them being spilled on.  (Looking at Kevin’s website http://kevindanielmusic.com he did Better Than Gold, Won’t Back Down, You and I, a cover of Beggin’ by Madcon and perhaps one more.)

Then it was time for Ernie Halter. I was incredibly excited to see him – I had met him on The Rock Boat in 09 and had to leave his show a couple songs in to his set the last time I saw him – so to see a full set from him, even a shortened one because he was the opener was exciting.  Unfortunately, the loud couple behind us continued to talk throughout Ernie’s set as well.  The woman next to me asked the couple if they were going to talk to go to the lobby and the guy said “no we’ll talk here, but we won’t be rude”  I’m sorry, but if multiple people have already asked you to keep it down – perhaps you are already beyond the point of being rude?

Back to Ernie. He told us that he prefers to play less songs and talk more to tell about the songs. I obviously love the banter, so this was ok with me. (Banter I don’t love? The stuff coming from the row behind me!)  He talked a bit about his early relationship with his wife and how they met briefly and were texting a bit and then his car broke down and she let him use hers for a month to tour and how they ended up getting married and having twins. (His delivery was much better since he didn’t mention immediately she became his wife. I’m such a bad story teller!) He also told a story about how Justin Bieber sang his song and that his mother was the one to tell him and he thought it couldn’t be true because his mother wouldn’t be the first to know – but she was! And that Justin Bieber has Ernie Halter fever lol.  He ended the set with a Beatles tune, he said he and his wife are big Beatles fans and named their twin girls Lucy and Layla. He asked if anyone knew the connection with the names to see him at merch. Now I’m curious to know!

After Ernie’s set I went ballistic on the people behind me.  Apparently the girlfriend was deaf and so she talks loud. Which is fine – but if she MUST talk during a concert – GO TO THE LOBBY!  What set me off was when he said “But Javier isn’t on yet. Who cares?” (If he didn’t care – why not stay in the lobby until Javier came on?) So I told him I was there for Ernie and it was rude of him to be talking because all I heard was HIM. And he was like “Well sometimes these things happen” and he kept going on about how his girlfriend is deaf. And then accused me of not being respectful towards those who are disabled (uh, hello? I’m disabled myself, moron.) and told me I was being rude. And I seriously WENT OFF. But quickly realized that he didn’t have the brains he was born with and was a lost cause.  A couple of people went to complain to an usher but no one came by to say anything and he just kept going on and on about how he grew up with the artist (I’m sure if Javier knew what was going on, he wouldn’t condone it, especially since he is great friends with Ernie.) and all other sorts of nonsense.   His stupidity and obnoxiousness really got me in a bad mood, but I tried to ignore him in order to not let the night be completely ruined.  If 3 or 4 people tell you to shut your pie hole, perhaps it IS you who is being rude. Just sayin’.

Then it was time for Javier! And by the dude behind me’s theory – QUIET! (Which was all bullshit because they talked through some of Javier’s set too and I so badly wanted to be like “I thought you only talk when Javier isn’t on?” but again – not worth my time…)  Javier was a lot of fun and did a great mix of upbeat songs and downbeat songs (and dang if Ok, Here’s The Truth doesn’t get me near tears every time I hear it!)  He also added in a bit of Cee Lo’s “Forget You” to one of the songs and had us yell out the “Forget You” (Or the uncensored version) so that was a nice way to get out some of my frustrations without actually saying it directed towards anyone to get myself in trouble!

He sang almost all the songs from his album and threw in some great covers as well.  His backup band was also great.  His keyboardist was adorable and had a great voice for backup vocals and his bassist was hilarious.  He was dancing through any song that was danceable and making all sorts of great guitar faces. When he introduced him he said something like “you already know him and you already love him” which was so true.  We were even cheering for his dancing at times and Javier looked over at him and started to laugh a few times as well during the set.

His voice did seem a bit strained, but with a voice like his you can be a little bit off and still sound amazing. He thanked everyone numerous times for helping support him with The Voice and that he wouldn’t be here without us and he and his family appreciate it.

After he left the stage, to a standing ovation, he came back out pretty quickly for an encore.  He did Someone Like You by Adele and said she was one of his favorites and he would LOVE to work or sing with her some day.  Then everyone was yelling out that they wanted to hear Stitch By Stich so he did that one even though it wasn’t what was planned because we all wanted to hear it.  Then he said he’d get off the stage and let us all get home.

As I was leaving I bumped into Stephen Kellogg so I chatted with him for a bit about the morons behind me and he said that he would always side with me on that and he was glad that I said something to them. (To bad it didn’t get through to them.) I said I was even thinking of him because if he hears people talking he often calls them out on it and he said he was trying to mellow out a bit now that he is getting older! haha.  It was nice to see him since I didn’t get a chance to talk to him after his show last month.

Setlist under the cut!

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The Voice On Tour!

Friday night the The Voice on Tour rolled in to Connecticut, home state of the first season winner, Javier Colon.  The show was at the Oakdale Theater in Wallingford, CT one of only a handful of performances that the Top 8 would be doing.

Doors to the theater opened at 7:30 and everyone filed in to their seats and sent text messages to the screen to get a chance to win a Sprint Tablet.  Around 8pm the warmup guy from Karaoke Battle USA came out on stage.  What? Yes. Bill, the warmup guy from last month when I went to see Karaoke Battle USA tape was there to warm up the crowd.  For a concert?

Honestly, we could have done without this.  When he went through the crowd in the beginning asking favorite moments, ok, maybe that was a bit amusing.  However, what is Carson Daly doing? He could have recorded video clips to be played in between sets.  Or better yet – don’t mess with the momentum of one performance to the other and just let the contestants keep the energy up! (Everyone wasn’t sure if they should sit or stay standing when he came out on stage and it just made things very awkward)

The show started with the entire Top8 performing a mashup of George Michael’s songs Freedom and Faith.  The top 8 for those of you who don’t recall are made up of Nakia, Vicci Martinez, Xenia, Dia Frampton, Frenchie, Beverly McClellan, Casey Weston and of course, Javier Colon.

After the song, Bill came out and talked about Team CeeLo. Nakia did a song, then Vicci followed with 2 songs.

Bill came out and talked about team Blake.  Xenia did a song, then Dia did two. (Which had most of the crowd sitting since they were not very upbeat)

Bill came out and talked about Team Christina.  Then Frenchie came out and did a song and then Bev did 2 songs.

Finally, it was time for Team Adam.  Bill did his reading about the team, then Casey came out and did a song and then Javier came out and did 2.

After each performance the contestants thanked everyone for voting, watching, and making the show such a success.  It was nice because they were stumbling over words at times so it seemed like these things were not rehearsed and rather from the heart.

After we were introduced to the teams, it was time for the contestants to come back out and sing again.  Each contestant had just 1 song this time in the order of Xenia, Casey, Frenchie, Nakia, Beverly, Vicci and Dia.  Javier once again had 2 songs.

The contestants also did back up for each other at points.  Beverly and Nakia dueted for Beautiful (and walked through the aisle right past me!) and Javier was on  guitar.  Beverly and Casey played guitar during on of Xenia’s performances. Vicci and Beverly played buckets on Casey’s Black Horse and Cherry Tree performance.  Everyone came out to back up Frenchie on Like a Prayer.

After Javier’s second to last song, Bill came out and talked to Javier a bit.  He told him how people from his school were there (he talked to one of the nun’s from Javier’s school before the show started) and that he wanted to hear Javier sing something from Oklahoma.  Except that the nun said that he performed in Showboat! Javier corrected him and did do a bit of Old Man River.  He also gave the slip of paper with the chosen finale song – Don’t Stop Believing.

The 8 then came back out and all did a rendition of Michael Jackson’s Man In The Mirror.

I have to say, I was very impressed with all of the contestants.  And Vicci is SO tiny and she really puts all of her body in to every note (and maybe then some!). Xenia seemed over powered by the band at times, but really has grown so much since the beginning of the competition.  They all put on a great show and it was a really fun night!

Setlist under the cut!

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Javier Colon at the Ridgefield Playhouse

If you have been watching NBC’s “The Voice”, you are probably familiar with vocal talent Javier Colon.  If you’re not, well you’re missing out on a great show with some great talent.

Thursday night Javier did a home town show in Ridgefield, CT (He is from Stratford), the only show he has done since being on The Voice and the only show he will do before heading out for the live shows. (Be sure to vote for him)

His opening act was Rebecca Correia, who is a friend of Javier’s since college. She performed 7 songs and has an absolutely amazing voice!  Be sure to check her out on iTunes if you aren’t familiar with her stuff – I’m sure you will enjoy it!
After a brief intermission, Javier took the stage.  I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect because I had never had the chance to see Javier before, but he did not disappoint.  He has an amazing voice and his original songs were phenomenal as well.  His performance went on for nearly two hours – with him chatting about songs and his family in between performing.
He mixed in cover songs with originals and all of them were sang beautifully,  he certainly is “The Voice” and if he doesn’t win it will be incredibly disappointing.  Someone yelled out from the crowd that he has to win and he responded “I’m gonna try!” and encouraged us all to vote for him once the live rounds air beginning June 7th! (Right around the corner!)

He talked a bit about how he was never really in to country before, but is now – and played part of Achy Breaky Heart and Friends in Low Places to demonstrate a few songs about why he didn’t like country.  Then he played “Love Me” and he said that song had turned him on to country and he liked how the songs told a story.  I am not a big country fan myself either – but I do also enjoy the storytelling aspect.

He also mentioned that his song “Ok, Here’s The Truth”, was written in a country fashion in that it tells a story and that you really need to listen to the lyrics to figure out what is going on in the song.  Of course, he told me to listen so I listened and was near tears by the end of the song!  I think there are a couple of versions of the song on YouTube and I recommend you check it out for yourself and pay attention to the lyrics – I don’t want to give anything away!

Since there was a piano on stage, he played a couple of songs on it – specifically Song For Your Tears and then a song by one of his favorite female singers.  At first he went in to singing “Oops I Did It Again”, but said that he was joking and then did a great cover of Sarah McLachlan’s Arms Of An Angel.

Honestly, I don’t think how amazing his voice is really comes out over TV, it is something that is best experienced live.

After the show he hung out at the merch table and signed autographs and took photos with anyone who asked!  Many in the crowd were family and friends so it was nice to see him interact with them.  It was also funny when he’d be talking to someone but spot someone else in the crowd who he knew, and would get all excited that he’d be chatting with them next!

Rebecca and Javier’s setlist under the cut.  Rebecca mentioned all her song titles before songs but Javier did not – so I might have names wrong and I know I am missing a couple from his set.

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