July 2024

Tartan Terrors at The Kate 7/3

Another Wednesday at the Kate meant that we had to try and get there a bit early in order to secure parking.  There once again was a concert on the green (which was sponsored by the Kate?!) but it seemed to be less busy as when we were there for Gaelic Storm, maybe because many had already left for the holiday weekend.  This show was about an hour and a half with an intermission and in addition to being great music – I also laughed so much. (Sorry Chris, Ian IS funny)  Unfortunately I didn’t keep track of the setlist for the show to have one to post.  We were in the front row and I was so impressed watching Emily’s feet as she danced and tapped.  How does she do it!?  After the show we got to say hello to some of the band members.  I am looking forward to when I am able to go see them again!

Justin Timberlake at Hershey Stadium

Friday July 4th Justin Timberlake brought his Forget Tomorrow World Tour to Hershey, PA.  I wasn’t sure what to expect with traffic since it was a holiday, so I left early and somehow only ran into traffic when I was about an hour out and it was due to an accident.  Everyone must have already left before me or the day before, but that worked for me! (In the past the 4 hour trip has taken up to 7 so 4 hours 15 mins is alright with me!)

A storm ended up rolling through just before doors, so we waited it out in the car before joining the absolute masses of people trying to enter the stadium.  It was an absolute cluster, which we were kind of expecting.  We made it to the ADA area and the DJ was already going.  When Justin first took the stage it was still light out which was distracting for me and I was paying more attention to the drone than anything else.  It was also incredibly hot and humid and I was trying to figure out how to best ration my water. (I ended up deciding to spend the $5 on another bottle because it was too much for me not to.)  Justin kept saying “it’s hot, it’s hot, did I mention it’s hot?” whenever he stopped to talk to the crowd.  He had a suit jacket on for a couple of songs but then took it off to have just a t-shirt on, which he changed half way through – can’t say I blamed him, I was trying to track down an event t-shirt for myself since the shirt I was wearing was soaked with sweat.  He also had sweat dripping off his arms and must have gone through at least 5 towels throughout the course of the show.

I was hoping he would walk past us on his way to the B Stage, but since the stadium is so large, he didn’t. But we had a decent spot across from the B-Stage – when the women on the floor weren’t standing on their chairs to see better…

He also took time to ask everyone who was standing to sit, commenting “I’ll wait” as people were hesitant. Then he asked for veterans and those in the service to stand so we could cheer for them which I thought was very nice of him to do.

There was some speculation that he might sing “Love and War” since it mentioned the Fourth of July – and he did when he returned to the A Stage.  There also was a really cool fireworks display during Mirrors that was probably one of the cooler things I have seen at a concert.

As much as I say I don’t like Justin, I do enjoy seeing him live, but do hope for an *NSYNC reunion tour/show in the future.

Justin Timberlake Setlist Hersheypark Stadium, Hershey, PA, USA 2024, The Forget Tomorrow World Tour

Kevin Farley at The Kate

I recently became a member at The Kate and when looking up when Kris Allen tickets were going on sale, I saw Kevin Farley would be coming to do his stand up and HAD to buy a ticket.  I opted to get one in the front row off to the side, not knowing what to expect from Kevin or his opener.  Kevin didn’t do much crowd interaction but his opener did ask my name and what I did for work and told a joke he said usually worked better if the software engineer was a man.

When I got to the lot, Kevin ended up arriving shortly after and parking 2 spots from me and I was absolutely freaking out in my car – it was DOUG LINUS.  Fortunately I got my act together before the show and when meeting him afterwards.  He signed my 2gether CDs and asked where I found them – you don’t understand how obsessed with the band I was! And then we took a few selfies.  His opener didn’t know Kevin was even in a boyband and showed him the CDs.

I really enjoyed Kevin’s set, he was really funny – though I think I know a bit too much about his sex life now… lol I never thought I’d get the chance to meet any of the 2gether members so it was a very exciting evening!  Be sure to check him out if he comes to a comedy club near you! (plus sign…)

BBMak at Stage One

Wednesday June 26 I went to see BBMak do a headlining show in Fairfield at Stage One.  Opening for the evening was Trevor from O-Town doing this thing solo.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Trevor, and admittedly it seemed to start off a little awkward, but I really enjoyed his original songs and he kept me laughing by explaining he was half black and half white and was going to be singing songs from both sides – and would hop and then say he was going back to the white side or back to the black side to sing some of his favorite songs.  I also liked that before his originals he explained to us what they were about and what made him write them which I always find really interesting.

Then it was time for the main event, BBMak.  This was my first time seeing them do a headlining set, although it was my 6th time seeing them overall. It’s amazing how the lyrics from their first couple of albums are still embedded in my brain, and as they sang them, it all came back! The guys were a ton of fun making us laugh quite a lot and at one point Ste joked, “Who let a pterodactyl in?!” Which made everyone lose it laughing all the more.  About halfway through their set a huge storm rolled by, we could hear all the rain on the roof, but I guess the guys didn’t hear it since they never made a comment about it.  Fortunately for us, by the time the show ended, the storm had passed, but we did get to see a really cool heat lightning shoot across the sky on our drive home!

I opted to do the post show selfies with the guys, got some hugs said a quick hello and Christian snapped a few selfies.  I commented to them how the lyrics all came flooding back and Christian said “it’s like riding a bike!” and Ste commented about how I was singing every word.   The brain is strange and mysterious.  (If only I remembered what I needed to do day to day instead of all the ’00 boyband lyrics…)

BBMak unfortunately will not be at my next POP 2000 show – but I hope I get to see them again soon!

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