I recently became a member at The Kate and when looking up when Kris Allen tickets were going on sale, I saw Kevin Farley would be coming to do his stand up and HAD to buy a ticket.  I opted to get one in the front row off to the side, not knowing what to expect from Kevin or his opener.  Kevin didn’t do much crowd interaction but his opener did ask my name and what I did for work and told a joke he said usually worked better if the software engineer was a man.

When I got to the lot, Kevin ended up arriving shortly after and parking 2 spots from me and I was absolutely freaking out in my car – it was DOUG LINUS.  Fortunately I got my act together before the show and when meeting him afterwards.  He signed my 2gether CDs and asked where I found them – you don’t understand how obsessed with the band I was! And then we took a few selfies.  His opener didn’t know Kevin was even in a boyband and showed him the CDs.

I really enjoyed Kevin’s set, he was really funny – though I think I know a bit too much about his sex life now… lol I never thought I’d get the chance to meet any of the 2gether members so it was a very exciting evening!  Be sure to check him out if he comes to a comedy club near you! (plus sign…)

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