Wednesday June 26 I went to see BBMak do a headlining show in Fairfield at Stage One.  Opening for the evening was Trevor from O-Town doing this thing solo.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Trevor, and admittedly it seemed to start off a little awkward, but I really enjoyed his original songs and he kept me laughing by explaining he was half black and half white and was going to be singing songs from both sides – and would hop and then say he was going back to the white side or back to the black side to sing some of his favorite songs.  I also liked that before his originals he explained to us what they were about and what made him write them which I always find really interesting.

Then it was time for the main event, BBMak.  This was my first time seeing them do a headlining set, although it was my 6th time seeing them overall. It’s amazing how the lyrics from their first couple of albums are still embedded in my brain, and as they sang them, it all came back! The guys were a ton of fun making us laugh quite a lot and at one point Ste joked, “Who let a pterodactyl in?!” Which made everyone lose it laughing all the more.  About halfway through their set a huge storm rolled by, we could hear all the rain on the roof, but I guess the guys didn’t hear it since they never made a comment about it.  Fortunately for us, by the time the show ended, the storm had passed, but we did get to see a really cool heat lightning shoot across the sky on our drive home!

I opted to do the post show selfies with the guys, got some hugs said a quick hello and Christian snapped a few selfies.  I commented to them how the lyrics all came flooding back and Christian said “it’s like riding a bike!” and Ste commented about how I was singing every word.   The brain is strange and mysterious.  (If only I remembered what I needed to do day to day instead of all the ’00 boyband lyrics…)

BBMak unfortunately will not be at my next POP 2000 show – but I hope I get to see them again soon!

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