For my birthday (today!) I got myself and my mom tickets to see Jim Gaffigan at Foxwoods. I ended up getting some pretty sweet spots for his 10:30 show, even though I was kind of annoyed the show was at 10:30.  Of course, it sold out so quickly they added a 7:00pm show and I probably should have seen that coming!  We got there around 8 and were going to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe for my birthday, but with a 40 minute wait we weren’t sure that would allow for enough time to eat, play and make it to the show on time.

Before doors opened, I was busy catching Pokemon and doing some gambling, where I put $10 in a machine, played $0.50 and immediately won $15.30.  I played it down to $20 and ended the night with doubling my money.  Not bad! 😉

Just after 10:30pm it was time for the show to start.  The opener for the night was Ted Alexandro. My mom’s review was, “I didn’t think he was going to be that funny, but he was”  I mean, what more can you really ask for, right?

Jim came out at about 11 and did an hour set. He was great, as I expected – even though I did have a moment of uncertainty when a guy who sat at a slot machine a couple down from me told another guy who was trying to give away comp tickets that “we already saw him, and he sucked”… he later was saying that the slot machine sucked as well so I was hoping this guy just hated everything and I am probably right. (Either that or he had no idea what he was getting into seeing Jim.  Having read his books and watching his show every week, his set was basically what I had expected it to be – jokes about life, his kids and food!)

The last time I had seen Jim I was in college and he did a set on The View, so it was nice to see him in person again now that he’s blown up. (Literally and figuratively? I kid, he isn’t that fat in person!)

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