Book Review: Awesome America

awesomeamericaAwesome America is made by Time For Kids and is “Everything you ever wanted to know about the history, people and culture”.  Each chapter is broken down into 3 points – “Find Out” with a question that will be answered in the chapter. “Learn” with what you will learn by reading the chapter and “Take a Closer Look” with some other interesting tidbits related to the content of that chapter.

The book starts with the history of America – and talks about how Columbus was NOT the one to discover America.  I know that every October there is a lot of controversy involved with “Columbus Day” and I liked that this was brought up first thing in this book.  It then goes into bios on each of the founding fathers with a timeline of their life events.  In the chapter on the government, there is a nice break down of the bill of rights and its amendments.

There is even a chapter all about touring the 50 states and some great images of the country. (And yes, even some pics of Buffalo)

This book makes learning fun, with a lot of color photos and info graphics to help explain things.  Honestly if books like this were used in my history classes growing up, I may have actually paid attention and retained a lot more information than I did!

About the Book

TIME For Kids explores America from sea to shining sea!

Discover what makes America unique in this comprehensive timeline and photographic overview of American history–pre-Columbus through the present–highlighting the milestone events and important people that have made America awesome.

Perfect for both dip-in reference and longer-form reading, Awesome America is organized into thematic sections, each comprised of bite-sized articles, engaging factoid sidebars, colorful charts, graphics and interactive quizzes to help make learning about American history interesting, interactive, and fun. From America’s early history all the way to present day, kids will learn about what it was like to grow up in the 1700’s, 1800’s, 1900’s and today and discover the inventions, innovations, and important social movements great American’s have created over the years.


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