SKHigh Horse (South)
The Wild Heart (South)
The Open Heart (South)
Best of Me (South)
Rich Man (South)
We Say Goodbye (West)
Almost Woke You You (West)
Those Kids (West)
Wallpaper Angel (West)
Mother and Child (West)
Greta Girl (North)
Wolf (North)
Learn To Live (North)
Only Takes a Second (North)
Galaxy (East)
Barricade (East)
H-O-M-E (East)
26 Seconds (of silence) (East)
Last Man Standing (East)


Stephen Kellogg recently did a Pledge Music in order to record his latest record. He did things a bit differently and recorded what could be considered 4 different EPs – one in the South, one in the West, one in the North and one in the East.  Each of these locations gave a different kind of inspiration for him to write and record the songs.  They work find as 4 separate EPs but what is great about it is they also all work together as a double album as well, which is how it is being released.  Those who made a pledge to the campaign through pledge music got the CD to listen to in November, while it will not be officially released until this month.  (Those who got tickets to see him on his tour also had the option to purchase as well – the perks of SK being CEO of his record label!)

26 Seconds (of Silence) was written about the 26 who were killed in the shooting in Newtown, CT in December 2012.  Stephen, like me, is from Connecticut and was impacted by the tragedy. He ended up posting this song early – as it was not supposed to officially be released until the “East” portion of the CD was released, but with the attacks in Paris he felt that he should release it and encouraged everyone to donate to the American Red Cross.

If you’re wondering just where South, West, North and East were for Stephen when recording – it was Atlanta, GA and Nashville, TN; Boulder, CO; Woodstock, NY; Washington, DC.

Fans of Stephen Kellogg will recognize his song writing and singing that they are familiar with from past records.  Stephen’s songs tell stories, usually about his life, but somehow it works out that they can be about your life as well. Some of his songs give advice, others are just fun. If you’re not familiar with Stephen’s work, start here and work your way through the rest of his catalog – both his solo stuff and his work with Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers.  I’d be shocked if you ended up not enjoying yourself.

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