Mark My Words
I’ll Show You
What Do You Mean?
Love Yourself
No Pressure (feat Big Sean)
No Sense (feat Travis Scott)
The Feeling (feat Halsey)
Life Is Worth Living
Where Are U Now (w/ Skrillex and Diplo)
What Do You Mean? (acoustic)


Justin Bieber’s latest album, Purpose, came out in early November.  While I do not consider myself to be a Bieber fan (or sorry, a ‘Belieber’) I have seen him live several times and it is often hard to avoid him when you listen to Top 40 radio.  The first 2 tracks on the CD “Mark My Words” and “I’ll Show You” I had trouble getting into after the first 30-60 seconds so I moved on.  I really like the debut single from the album, “What Do You Mean”, so that one got a full listen.  The second single is “Sorry” and that is also the next track on the album.  This one got a full listen as well. And I am left to wonder if I liked them more than the first 2 because I am just more familiar with them, or if it is because they aren’t quite as slow as the other two. (I am not a fan of slower songs and I am also the person who needs to listen to a CD 3 or 4 times before I can really “get into it” so to speak.)  Love Yourself is a pretty song but again, too slow.  And I’m pretty sure he means to be saying something else other than love 😉 Company kind of put me into a trance so I didn’t end up skipping it even though it’s a bit too slow for my tastes.  After Company there are 3 tracks in a row with collaborations – Big Sean, Travi$ Scott and Halsey. I couldn’t make it through No Pressure or No Sense. The Feeling was a bit better, but still couldn’t make it through in its entirety. Life is Worth Living is a pretty nice ballad, I really like Justin’s voice on this one even though in theory I shouldn’t like the slow ballad 😉 Children and Purpose are another couple that I enjoyed (probably because they were lulling me to sleep or into a trance while I was getting some paper crafting done)  Been You was also pretty catchy from the opening notes. This is more of a throwback Bieber track which is probably why I like it so much. Get Used To It also has a bit of a throwback vibe too it, but I couldn’t get as into it as some of the other songs. We Are is another collab song, this time with Nas. This one is probably my fave of the collabs and it may just be because it says “Mets cap”.  Trust was a pretty good track too. All In It closes out the album (ignoring the What Do You Mean? Acoustic version)  All In It is a bit too slow and repetitive for my liking.

Overall this seems to be a more mature Bieber and not exactly what I’d be rocking out to in the car since it has a bit of a more R&B and Rap edge to it than the usual Pop which is what I am all about. But I did like it a lot more than I was expecting to.


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