Saturday night was TIC’s Annual All Star Christmas.  It was a nice change from the past 2 years – 2 years ago I almost missed the show due to a crazy snow storm and last year there were flurries.  This year my car told me it was the mid-60s as I was driving to the show!


Opening the show was CT’s own American Idol Winner Nick Fradiani! He did several songs that should be on his new album and even had his Dad in his band with him!


Next up was Charlie Puth. He seems to be blowing up lately. He mentioned he was 24 and then went on to say that one of his songs he was not going to say who it was about and that he was “pulling a Carly Simon” and that the parents in the audience would get what he meant. I’m not a parent and totally knew what he meant… His songs seem to have and older throwback feel to them which I liked… but I’m not sure I like Charlie himself.

DSC01495-1 DSC01497-1

One of the guys from the Bachelorette was on hand to help TIC’s Gina J introduce Nate Ruess to the stage. I didn’t realize how many of his songs I was familiar with.  He had a lot of energy but I just can’t get into his voice.  He also did Rocket Man which he said was as close to a Christmas song as he had but I’m not sure how he made that connection?


After Nate was Rachel Platten. I had never seen her before so I was surprised to see she was a Mandy Moore type with her belly button showing. I also never would have guessed that she was older than me. She came off a bit young on stage – getting so excited during one of her songs tha the phones lit up looked so pretty like a Christmas tree! I do like her 2 singles though, Fight Song and Stand By You.  She mentioned she’d be coming to CT on her tour in the spring but I am not seeing a CT date. I’d probably check her out again if she did come through.


The Band Perry was up next.  For some reason their set up was all done squished to the other side of the stage. This was also when the row in front of me decided to show up and dance around all drunk and block most of my view. I enjoyed their set. They did a few new songs – Live Forever – after If I Die Young which was pretty funny. And one that they said they had never done live before at all so we were their guinea pigs.

DSC01510-1 DSC01518-1

I planned on leaving mid-way through Rob Thomas’ set because I didn’t think I’d like him and wanted to not get stuck in the parking lot for 30-45 minutes after the show (what can I say, I’m getting old and wanted to get to sleep at a decent hour)  But a quick check of TIC’s twitter feed implied that Nick might be coming out to sing with Rob, so instead I figured I’d better stick around at least to see that.  I have to say though that I was very impressed with Rob. He has amazing stage presence and I really enjoyed his set.  He did have Nick come out to sing “Bright Lights” with him – although for most of it Rob just kind of sat back and let Nick have the stage which was really cool.  You could tell how excited Nick was to be sharing the stage with him and once it was done Nick said “BUCKET LIST!” and made a check mark.  I think Rob still had a couple more songs to go, but I snuck out after that – and I was not the only one.

Overall TIC put together another great line up for this show and I think it is the first time there had not been an an artist I’ve seen before in the line up!

I didn’t keep track of setlists but did try to piece them together later – so if you were there and know that I got it horribly wrong – please let me know!

Nick Fradiani Setlist
(some new songs)
Beautiful Life

Charlie Puth Setlist
Some Type of Love
One Call Away
I Won’t Tell A Soul
Marvin Gaye
See You Again

Nate Ruess Setlist
Nothing Without Love
Carry On
Great Big Storm
Just Give Me A Reason
Rocket Man
We Are Young
Harsh Lights
Some Nights

The Band Perry Setlist
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
If I Die Young
Live Forever
?New Song
(Might be missing a song)

Rachel Platten Setlist
Beating Me Up
Lone Ranger
Better Place
You Don’t Know My Heart
Stand By You
Fight Song

Rob Thomas Setlist 
Give Me the Meltdown
Lonely No More
Her Diamonds
Let’s Dance
3 A.M.
Hold on Forever
Streetcorner Symphony
A New York Christmas
Bright Lights w/ Nick Fradiani
(I left before his set was over so there may have been another song or two)