I’ve been having fun making all sorts of fun Hanson items with my Silhouette Cameo lately. (And all sorts of other things too)  But one thing I made before Hanson weekend in May was a pair of Hanson earrings (and a second pair to give away on hansonstage)

I bought blank flat earrings, measured out the diameter of the circle and then made 2 Hanson symbols small enough to fit on the earring.  This was actually a lot easier than I was expecting and I was totally happy with how they came out!

Unfortunately I was unable to wear them in Tulsa because I hadn’t worn earrings in a while and my holes had closed up a bit and I wasn’t willing to fight to get the earrings to fit.  But there will be more Hanson days to come that I will get a chance to wear them!

Hanson also ended up releasing silver symbol earrings for sale shortly after I made these. I’ll pretend they got the idea from me 😉

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