Hanson T-Shirts

For Hanson Day in May I decided to make a couple of custom Hanson T-shirts for the weekend.  I am getting into using heat transfer vinyl (and hoping that I will get a heat press for Christmas so I can stop using the iron – which works well but not as great as a press would) and I also decided to make a rhinestone Hanson symbol.  A lot of people stopped me and asked where I got the shirt so it was always nice to say, “I made it!”

The vinyl shirt was blue glitter and symbols to mean “eat, sleep, hanson” Although we teased for Hanson Day Weekend I should put Red Xs through the first two because there’s so much Hanson going on there is not a lot of time for eating and sleeping!  I’m sure these shirts will be making an appearance on the fall tour at some point – although when I went to photograph them I did notice that some of the vinyl and rhinestones are coming loose so they will have to be fixed up a bit first!

The rhinestone shirt was silver rhinestones on a red shirt.  This one was tough to make, it took a long time to set all the rhinestones in place, but I am super happy with how it came out.  I am going to try to make another rhinestone shirt soon – probably the Mets NY… so stay tuned to see how that comes out 🙂


EDIT I managed to fix the popped up vinyl and rhinstone using my hair straightener! It’s probably not enough of a heat press to do an entire shirt but it definitely worked in a pinch!

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