There are a lot of groups out there dedicated to doing scrapbook swaps – where several people make duplicates of the same element for scrapbooks and then swap – so you make 21 (or whatever the agreed upon number is) items and then get yours and 20 other designs back all based on a theme.

I finally decided to join a swap last month and found one that had a deadline I was able to participate in.  I did 2 swaps actually – county fair – where I made popcorn and Nautical where I made a nautical rope frame.  Cuts need at least 2 layers and have designated sizes as well (usually 3-4 inches)

This was incredibly tedious and I didn’t realize that although I made sure to make the deadline despite having a life – many others in the group did not. So there was a major delay in getting the swap items back.  I’m not sure I will participate in a swap again. (It’s also harder to participate when you don’t go to Disney yearly and don’t have any kids to scrap either)  I could have used that weekend instead to make my own unique cuts and been farther along on my own scrapping than I am now after taking a weekend off!

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