whitehouseWhite House Kids tells the story about the President’s children who have lived in the white house. It is sort of like a scrapbook with a lot of fun pictures and illustrations throughout.  I found the section on “white house firsts” to be interesting – I didn’t know that two President’s children married their first cousins… in the white house.  I also enjoyed the section on the “most daring stunts” that were done by the white house kids!  This was a very interesting book and while it is geared towards kids, I think that adults would enjoy it as well – whether they be presidential history buffs or just interested in learning more about the President’s kids!

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the book

Living in America’s most famous residence might seem glamorous at first–it’s the most fun place any kid could live! There’s a bowling alley in the basement, chefs are always available to prepare whatever you’re craving, and sometimes presidential aides will even help you with your homework! But life isn’t always easy for the youngsters who call the White House home. They’re always in the spotlight, and those pesky Secret Service agents are always around. For every perk, there’s a problem. From Washington to Obama, see the White House through the eyes of the children and grandchildren. Filled with wacky, weird, and wonderful stories, it shows what it’s like to call the president Dad (or Granddad or Uncle). Find out what schools they went to, what mischief they caused, and what pets they had. There are first-person accounts from letters and interviews, fascinating photos, original illustrations, and even a section that follows the children after they left the White House.