lohanAfter putting together a comic book of the downfall of Lindsay Lohan, author Marc Shapiro decided he wanted to tell her whole story.  It starts a bit with more recent Lindsay – her trouble in 2013, but then goes back, all the way back, to the birth of her father Michael and how he met her mother Dina and her troubled family life and childhood. (Dad was in and out of jail when she was a kid.)  The book continues to talk about Lindsay’s troubles – Aaron Carter / HIlary Duff triangle, car accidents, bad career moves, Oxycodone addiction and rehab stints.

It seems that every time Lindsay seems to be on the path to get her career and life back together again, a major setback happens. I truly wish her well and that she can overcome all of this because I do like her! I never realized how much trouble she had been dealing with – I have seen the headlines but I guess it doesn’t click just how much of it there is/was until you read it all back to back to back in biography chapters.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.


About the Book

Lindsay Lohan is quite literally a trainwreck for the internet age. Her every misstep, personal and professional disaster and emotional trip into career suicide has been chronicled to the point of overkill in the tabloids and gossip sites. Lindsay Lohan: Fully Loaded: From Disney to Disaster: An UnauthorizedBiography tells the whole story in minute detail and, in the process, updates the classic Hollywood tale of talent and promise cut short by alcohol, drugs, promiscuity, a dysfunctional childhood, emotional issues and the willingness of a shark-like media to attack at every turn.

As told by New York Times bestselling-author Marc Shapiro, Lindsay Lohan: Fully Loaded: From Disney to Disaster tells the story of a child brought up in the midst of a dysfunctional and often violent and substance-abusing family. Lindsay’s talent ultimately brought her to Hollywood where hit-movies and growing celebrity had the entertainment world pegging her as the next ‘It’ girl. What followed was a steady decline as Lindsay’s inability to cope with real world realities and the fantasy of ‘Tinsel Town’ manifested itself in countless stints in rehab and run-ins with the law as she slowly but surely burned every emotional and professional bridge on an odyssey that currently has her making a literal last stand in London

Lindsay Lohan: Fully Loaded: From Disney to Disaster is also an indictment of a mercenary press who found that there was more profit in a bad Lindsay Lohan than a good Lindsay Lohan and who took every opportunity to poke, prod and cajole Lindsay into an even darker place for their profit and the amusement of those who reveled in her pain and suffering.

Lindsay Lohan: Fully Loaded: From Disney to Disaster: An Unauthorized Biography is a no holds barred journey into celebrity hell which will have readers choosing up sides. Which side will you be on?