Winners & Losers documents Bob Latham’s trips to various sporting events as well as his thoughts on some others that he didn’t attend. It is broken down in to 5 chapters and each chapter has several different stories that fits into each category/chapter.  These chapters are – Places I Remember, Being There, Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind, Learning From The Game, Not Your Everyday People, Happy To Be a Fan and Taking a Look Back.

The first chapter is almost like a bucket list of sporting events – and it is really cool to read his thoughts and experiences at all of them.  It’s kind of like what I do with the blog, but in book form – a compilation of his articles (hmm that gives me all sorts of ideas!).  There are also his thoughts on some other aspects of the sports – like should athletes try and sing? (It seems like his answer is yes – if it is for charity.) Thoughts on coaches and cheating, etc.

I think pretty much every sport is represented at least once in the book – baseball, hockey, tennis, racing, rugby etc.  I have to say I think my favorite story (though they all are great and well written) is the one about his buddy and one of the Texas Rangers players.  They had seats in the front row near 3rd and Bob’s buddy was heckling the home third baseman constantly. What the player does in retaliation is great.  Bob also got the chance to hear the player’s perspective on it as well – I don’t want to give too much away though!

I also liked his article on Why The Wild Cards Win.  The Giants, a wild card team, beat the 15-0 Patriots in the super bowl. I was interested to read Bob’s thoughts on it.

I would recommend this book to any sports fan, it is definitely interesting, funny and well written.

I received a free e-copy of this book from NetGalley in order to write this review.

About the Book

Experience the drama, excitement, and oddities of the sports world with an avid sports tourist as your guide.Whether your passion is football, tennis, ice hockey, or one of many other sports, this compilation lets you feel the sports experience rather than just observe it. More at home out of the VIP or press box, columnist Bob Latham brings you down among the fans and the athletes to experience the true essence of sports as he rants, riffs, and reflects on the heroism, heartbreak, excitement, and humor in the world of sports.From tips on how to become a professional sports team’s number one fan to a recap of Muhammad Ali’s seventieth birthday party, from the Super Bowl to Wimbledon to Wrigley Field, you’ll feast on a tailgate party’s worth of anecdotes. Along the way, learn valuable tips on how to be a sports tourist, whether you’re headed to Scotland, Italy, New Zealand, New York City, or a host of other places.Join Bob as he makes a pilgrimage to sports meccas and legendary events around the world. See it all through his vibrant color photographs of the people and places you’ll discover, from the cryogenics facility where Ted Williams is stored to the Jigger Inn overlooking the 18th hole at St. Andrews. Wrap up the experience as Bob recounts memories of his favorite Chicago Cubs fan, a tribute to those who love and live the great world of sports.

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