A Rocket To The Moon

The other day I got the chance to hang out with A Rocket to the Moon at the Dunkin Donuts Music Lounge.  I was one of the first contest winners there, so Nick and Justin were just playing around and when I walked in, Nick was singing “What Makes You Beautiful” and they also played around playing “God Bless The Broken Road”.

A bit later more fans showed up and it was time for the live chat / performance.  The guys did 3 songs – First Kiss, You’re My Song and Whole Lotta You.  During the chat they talked a bit about how they got “robbed” at the hotel and the guy slowly took off with their $20 and it was the slowest robbery ever, Nick talked a bit about Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift and Debby Ryan (He is friends w/ Demi – went to her show with his girlfriend and her sister and they went backstage, he’d love to open for Taylor and he did a cover of Taylor’s song with Debby recently but haven’t heard from Taylor that she’s seen it)  Among the fans were a band so they talked about band names, it doesn’t seem like Nick likes the name “A Rocket To The Moon” and said to pick something awesome right from the beginning so if you make it and become stuck with it you like it.  He talked about how to steal from stores when you work there (but didn’t recommend doing it) and he also said that he started the band / doing music because after he graduated HS he didn’t want to go to school anymore (but didn’t condone doing that either)

After the chat was over we got pics with the guy and a signed poster. I wouldn’t have really said I was a fan before the chat (I did see them open up for Hanson in 2010) but I loved the 3 songs that they did in the chat and will have to check out their new EP that just came out!  Unfortunately they’re not hitting CT on their upcoming tour but hopefully I’ll get the chance to check them out again soon!

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