I am all for teaching kids more about science. And this book certainly does just that.  In addition to being a biography on the life and times of Albert Einstein, it also includes little experiments that kids can do that help illustrate some of Einstein’s theories.  There are also short write ups on other great scientists as well.

It is part biography, part text book and part hands on activities. I think that the hands on part is the most important – I could always read all I wanted on different theories but actually seeing it in person in a relevant example was what I needed for things to make sense.

I really like how this book is written and I wish that something like this was around to help me out back when I was in school!  This is a great book if you are looking to supplement your child’s learning of science or even if you are an adult and feel like your knowledge on science is sub-par.

I received a free e-copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in order to write this review.

About the Book

Best known for his general theory of relativity and the famous equation linking mass and energy, E = mc², Albert Einstein had a lasting impact on the world of science, the extent of which is illuminated-along with his fascinating life and unique personality-in this lively history. In addition to learning all about Einstein’s important contributions to science, from proving the existence and size of atoms and launching the field of quantum mechanics to creating models of the universe that led to the discovery of black holes and the big bang theory, young physicists will participate in activities and thought experiments to bring his theories and ideas to life. Such activities include using dominoes to model a nuclear chain reaction, replicating the expanding universe in a microwave oven, creating blue skies and red sunsets in a soda bottle, and calculating the speed of light using a melted chocolate bar. Suggestions for further study, a time line, and sidebars on the work of other physicists of the day make this an incredibly accessible resource for inquisitive children.

Jerome Pohlen is a former elementary school science teacher, an engineer, an editor, and the author of a dozen award-winning science kits, including Famous Experiments,Microscopic World, and Wild Weather. He lives in Chicago.

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