StageIt Kris Allen Performance

I have been wanting to try out StageIt for a while now and when Kris Allen announced that he’d be doing a show the day before my birthday I knew that was the perfect opportunity to try it out!

For those of you not “in the know” StageIt is a website that streams live concerts to fans.  The artists can easily set up shows from the comfort of their living room or do a live stream of one of their concerts at a venue.  For Kris’ show you could pay as much as you would like, with a $1 minimum.  The currency on StageIt are coins/notes and you get 50 for $5. (That is the minimum amount you can buy so that StageIt doesn’t get stuck with credit card fees and more money can go directly to the artist.)  You can also tip the artists with your coins/notes.

There is a set number of tickets available (so that the stream won’t crash the site completely!) and the show is at a set time, just like any other concert you might attend.

My only question is – if I was in my bedroom and Kris was in his living room – does this really count as a show in my concert count?  For now I am saying no – but if you have an argument on why I should count it – please leave a comment 🙂

The page said “standby” for a really long time and then people in the twitter chat feed started talking about him singing “Out Alive” but my page still said “Standby” A quick refresh did the trick and there was Kris… talking about how it was awkward to see the comments in the chat on the internet. (Note to self: in the future continue to refresh so you dont miss anything!)

He also teased about how he could be doing the performance with no pants on and we would never even know.

Overall, it was a fun experience but I think I prefer live shows where I can see the artist and the artist can see me.  It’s also kind of awkward to have no cheers or applause in between songs – just “cheers” from the twitter feed. I’ll probably attend more stageit shows in the future – but they will in no way replace my real shows!

Out Alive
Better With You
Lights (Ellie Goulding cover)
Shut That Door

(reached 15,000 so he played longer)
Live Like We’re Dying
Leave You Alone
You Got A Way


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