Product Review: Smooth N Shine

Recently, BzzAgent sent me some Smooth N Shine Keratin Power Semi-Permanent Hair Tamer.  It leads to smoother, straighter hair with 5x less damage than traditional relaxers.  I had never used a relaxer before, but my hair is very wavy and frizzy and could definitely be “tamed”.  At first I was afraid to use the product, but I read all the instructions a couple times over and started with the strand test.

The strand test took about an hour.  I had to take a small area of hair and try the product on it.  There is first the incredibly smelly relaxer. You have to put it on for 8 minutes, smooth your hair and then leave it on for another 25. It smelled nasty.  I couldn’t imagine what it would smell like with my whole head covered in this stuff.  After that you wash it out and then add the milk product for 10 minutes and then wash that out.  Once the product has been washed out, stretch your hair to see if it breaks. If it doesn’t you can use the product on all your hair. If it does, step away from the product!

I choose to wait overnight to see what the true results of my strand test would be. I have sensitive skin so I wanted to make sure that even after the product was washed out that I wouldn’t have any problems.

The actual steps to use the product on your whole head take a really long time as well.  First you need to shampoo your hair twice, then add product #1 and wait 25 minutes.  Rinse it out and add product number 2, wait and rinse.  Make sure you have an evening to devote to doing this, it is not something that you can do quickly!  Also keep in mind that it is suggested you do not pull your hair back with elastics for 48 hours and that you do not wash your hair for 3 days after using the product.  This may require a bit of scheduling!

Make sure you are also in a well ventilated area. As I mentioned before – it STINKS!  A bathroom with a window and/or fan is probably ideal.

After I used the product, the next morning I could tell that my hair was a lot tamer than usual because my bed head was not as crazy as it has been lately.  But the real test would be heading out to see Kris Allen at the Outlets – an OUTDOOR concert.  I might be crazy attempting to do this – especially since I won’t be able to pull my thick hair back…

At first I wasn’t sure I was happy with the results. It was straighter, but that is because the directions said to use a straighter on it.  However, after walking around outside at the Outlets where Kris Allen was performing, I was sweating like crazy.  When I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror – I was shocked.  By that point in the day the top of my head should have been a ridiculous frizz ball and it wasn’t.  Even my mom commented that my hair looked a lot less frizzy than it would have had I not used the tamer.

It’s only been a day that Ive had the product in, so if anything drastic happens I’ll post again – but the fact that it reduced my frizz gives it two thumbs up.


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