These stickers were requested September 10 and are postmarked September 16. I think that is one of the fastest turnarounds I have had yet with Get Glue.

(For those of you who don’t know what Get Glue is – it is a website,, where you “check in” to TV shows, movies, topics, etc and can get rewarded with stickers.  Once you have reached 20 stickers, every month you can request actual copies of your stickers for free!  You can get stickers for checking in once, 5 times, 15 times, etc as well as live during show airings, posting keywords, and other phrases to get the stickers to “pop”)

The A-Listing
Barnes & Noble
Breaking Bad
Couch Potato
Fringe – Equipment Subject
Fringe – Fauxlivia
Former Soap Store
Fringe Division Agent
True Blood – Maker
Fringe Observer
Fringe – Olivia
Myth Busters – Plausible
Fringe Department of Defense
Fringe Division Department of Defense
Glee – Sue Sylvester
Fringe – Walter
Fringe – Walternate

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