After a pitstop at Walmart Saturday morning, we made it to the ski area. I left Lauren at the car and went to meet up with Amber, who had won VFactory Soundcheck passes and invited me along as her guest. (And saw that KSM had canceled and Care Bears On Fire were replacing them. ugh!)

We waited around a while and heard Honor Society soundchecking and then it was time to head to the stage for VFactory. On our way there, I spotted Alex from Honor Society behind the stage but he was running off somewhere and I had to go in front of the stage for the soundcheck so I couldn’t say hi or anything.

VFactory did 2 songs during the soundcheck and then came off stage to meet us. We were told we could get photos and autographs, but due to time constraints it was autographs only and then we were told that later at the merch area we could get photos.

When we went to leave, we were told we would have to climb over a rope. It wasn’t that high, but with my CP any time one foot is in the air we’ve got potential for a problem. I asked the guy to untie it because I couldn’t go over it and a female on the security staff was like “If you untie it, we’re going to have a problem” Well, too bad honey, but either it gets untied or I stay inside!

Then cameras weren’t allowed inside! And they were being incredibly strict about it, which was ridiculous. (Turns out they never really had a concert there before and basically had no idea what they were doing and were told cameras were never allowed at live shows. That was concert #149 for me and my scrapbook definitely says otherwise…) Our first time through the line, I managed to sneak it in. We were given a wristband so we could leave the concert area and come back as we pleased, but every time we were again searched / patted down.

We took our seats in the front row, and were discussing how it was going to be impossible for Alex to get me a drumstick, even though he said he would, because the front row was VERY far from the stage, and the stage was at least 6 feet high. (If not more like 7 or 8 feet)

Tiffany Giardina was on first, and immediately girls rushed the stage and into the front row in front of us. Um hello? We paid for front row, you didn’t! It would have been fine if they stood in the (way too large) middle section, but to block people who were legit sitting in their seats? Really not cool at all.

After a couple songs, security made them go back, which was nice, but near the end they all rushed again. By this point I was miserable. No photos, no VIEW and no drumstick. And this was supposed to be the best weekend ever?

We left to go check out the merch area, and then decided to go get something to eat. Then we heard about the Honor Society M&G; and we had gifts for them so we got them out of the car and picked up our M&G; passes (supppper late lol) and waited to go see them.

I went first and thought Lauren was going with me. Andy was first and was introducing himself to me and then said “just kidding” but I was like “who? I know you guys?? really?” and then said hello to Mike and Jason and then (on a mission) told Alex there was a HUGE gap from the stage to front row so how would he get me a drumstick? First he was like “really?” and then said something about breaking down the barricade. I was next to him and Jason for the photo and only THEN did I realize Lauren was NOT with me. I felt bad I didn’t go in the middle!

I went off to the side while Lauren gave her gift to Andy. Alex seemed upset (kicking the air lol) that we didn’t have something for him, but this was Andy’s (early) birthday gift and Alex’s birthday was in May… soooo…. But our friend Ashley was behind us and told Alex not to worry because she had a gift for him.

When we left, we realized we had missed all of VFactory’s set 🙁 And Care Bears on Fire was coming on next 🙁 (we bumped into them in the bathroom after the HS M&G; lol)

When we got back to our seats (and my camera was found by security and had to go back to the car ugh), I rolled my pant leg up to show my brace off. THEN security decided that you could be in the middle section, but not coming into the rows because the people in their seats needed to see too. We asked a couple times if I could just go up to the barricade, but we were told no.

Honor Society took the stage just as the sun was starting to set. (So when they sang “See U In The Dark” it really was in the dark!) At one point I was standing there kind of overwhelmed with all the girls up front and losing my spot and everything and wasn’t really dancing. Mike looked at me and then wiggled a bit so I did it back and he smiled. Sorry I wasn’t dancing Mike but making sure I wasn’t going to fall over seemed a bit more important at the time 😉

A little after this I decided to unzip my hoodie a bit and wouldn’t you know… the security then told me I could go up to the barricade. I am HOPING it was just a coincidence…

Full Moon Crazy
Sing for You
Two Rebels
Where Are You Now
My Own Way
Here Comes Trouble
Don’t Close the Book
Why Didn’t I
Nobody Has To Know
Over You
See U In The Dark

I hung at the barricade for a bit longer, secretly hoping someone would come by with a drumstick but no such luck. Then we went over by the fence to watch them leave. By this point it was FREEZING.

A couple of handlers walked by and bragged that they were going to get Drake Bell. When he came out of the building he lit up a cigarette and walked by SMOKING. My childhood was ruined in that moment lol I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t even bother to walk over to watch his set, though we could hear it from where were.

Honor Society came out and waved, hopped in a van and pulled away. They did no public merch M&G.;

After that, we decided to go to Dunkin Donuts to warm up a bit, and make the trek home… as we had to get up early on Sunday for the Jonas kick ball game.


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