Sunday morning Lauren picked me up at 8:30am and we were on our way to Pearl River, NY for the Little Bit O Sole 5K walk.

We got there and registered and then walked around checking out all the tents that they had set up. We ended up spotting Dominique and Dierdre that we had met at the CD Release Party and I hung with them in line while Lauren went and did the 5K.

I thought it was odd that they were allowing girls to wait in line to get to the stage area before the walk had ended, because it didn’t seem fair. Then Lauren told me that the walkers were being let in a separate entrance. Apparently some of the girls at the front of the line had a bit of a fit, so they let some of the girls who had waited in, then the walkers, then the rest of the line. The whole part of the day was to raise money and awareness by doing the walk… NOT Honor Society… but teenies will be teenies…

JJ from Z100 was trying to pump up the crowd and asking what states we were from. At first, he skipped CT. Then he asked what grades we were all in and paid no attention to those of us who might have finished college… ugh. Stupid jonas brothers getting HS the teenie demographic.

The setlist was the same as the Fasionably Late tour with the exception of You Really Got Me – which was not played.

Afterwards, was the M&G; line. Those who won through the fan club / volunteered for the event went first. After was those who had bought merch ($15+ and you got a wristband – big thanks to Dom for taking one for the team and getting all our merch for us!)

It took a while for the guys to come out, but once they did they had the line moving through quickly, and everyone got a picture with the guys.

I reminded Alex that next week he owes me a drumstick and he seemed like he remembered. (I can never really tell with him though) Mike said he at first thought I really had a bowtie on, and liked my shirt. So did Jason. I told Andy that he threw a pick and it landed RIGHT next to me and I didnt get it. He reached in his pocket and said he was out so I was like its ok next week you can give me one and he said he would make sure he had a pocket full of picks. So if all goes according to plan, next weekend will be pretty awesome!

Then the guard was yelling at me to keep it moving so we went to leave and Andy peeked around the backdrop to keep talking to us LMAO.

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