Last night, Honor Society played their first sold out show on the Fashionably Late tour at the School of Rock in South Hackensack, NJ.

It was incredibly cold outside waiting for doors to open. Once we got inside it was incredibly hot. First thing we picked up our M&G; wristbands, which were Orange. Then we grabbed a spot on the side barricade.

This seemed like it was going to be a great spot but as time went on I kept getting pushed backwards. Some girls also went around the other side of the barricade (I think security should have been there so that didn’t happen…) and were standing on the ledge that security generally stands on. I also over heard them say that if security was going to kick them out of that spot, they would lie and say one of them was handicapped. As a handicapped fan, who was getting their space invaded I must say, girls, that was not cool and I don’t think you’d be able to handle a day with my CP. (And once again I wish I had magic powers to send my CP to annoying people like that for a day, and then I would have a CP free day)

But on to more fun things. Esmee Denters was the opener. I didn’t know much about her except that she was signed by Justin Timberlake. Her stage presence was great, which was kind of annoying if you were trying to take a picture of her haha but it was great for the crowd to get a glimpse of her. She sang several songs, one of which she had co-written with Justin Timberlake.

After her set was over they set the stage up for Honor Society. Security came out and said that everyone needed to take a step back and that if they surged forward during the show they would stop the concert.

The guys had new intros to a bunch of their songs, which was cool considering the set list was essentially the same as the Full Moon Crazy tour, just in a different order. Another new addition was “You Really Got Me” which is a cover song that they sing in the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, out in theaters on Christmas!

After about 5 songs I decided the girls hanging on my head and leaning over me were just completely too much to handle so I went to the back. Since I was no longer crammed in between a mass of people, it was a lot cooler back there as well. Aside from the girls with the light up <3 HS sign, I could see all 4 guys without a problem. (Couldn’t really see Alex or Andy where I was originally)

Before one of the songs, Mike talked about how the last time they played here (August 08) they had to sell 30 tickets (they did) and tonight they had sold the place out and sold 500 tickets. They’ve come a long way in just a year+.

It was hard to get decent photos because reaching for the guys even though you’re 5+ rows back and making heart signs are a BIG trend lately… For a couple of songs I just kind of took it all in and didn’t try to take photos. I did manage to get a few decent ones (which is a MUST for this scrapbooker)

Once the show was over we made our way to the M&G; area, which was a MESS. Seriously needed to be thought through juuuust a bit better. They had the people with fanclub M&Gs; go through the door to the hallway and the merch M&G; people stand near the door. Of course a mob formed around the door so it made things difficult, but we made it to the hallway.

After waiting for what seemed like forever in a tight, crammed hallway the line started moving and we made our way in to meet the guys. Their new thing is “hand hugs” because REAL hugs aren’t allowed. But considering I’ve been getting real hugs since the start I didn’t want to be demoted so when Alex put his hand up I said to him “I am NOT handhugging you” and Andy and Jay were like “OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH” and then we hugged and Jay and Andy were like “awwww” and then I hugged the rest of them. Chatted with Andy quickly about the necklace website he had told us about and how we wanted everything and they were cool. (Our friend Cara had mentioned that we told her about the site too and so thats what led him to mention it to me again)


Full Moon Crazy
Sing for You
Two Rebels
Where Are You Now
My Own Way
Here Comes Trouble
You Really Got Me
Don’t Close the Book
Why Didn’t I
Nobody Has To Know
Over You
See U In The Dark

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