Yesterday, Live Nation teamed up with Twitter to put on a scavenger hunt. The prizes is a lawn pass for concerts for 2010. (winner + a guest for every show!)

The first two clues were simple – first you had to find the venue’s website that Dan Aykroyd started and find the hidden scavenger hunt logo/icon and screen cap it. Then you had to tweet it to your local Live Nation’s tweet account (@LiveNationCT for me)

It felt like it took me FOREVER to find it, but I did, and tweeted it, as they sent out another clue with more details as to where it was on the page (I guess I wasn’t the only one having trouble finding it) I was I believe the first in CT to find it.

Later, they gave the 2nd clue. You had to go to the website Neilsen Net View ranked #7 in Music and find the logo there. The more specific clue came almost immediately after so I had no problem finding it and tweeting it. Again, I believed I was the first in CT to tweet.

For the 3rd clue, you had to go to a specific location. They gave a couple clues about the venue and I knew it was the Chevrolet Theater (formerly the Oakdale) I decided to run a couple errands up in that area and got the picture at the box office. Again, first to tweet it. (Well, technically, second, but the first clearly stole the image from someone in NM and didn’t even bother to re-upload it to their own twitpic!)

When I went to bed last night it was me and one other person. She went to the theater but the pictures weren’t posted yet. I’m assuming that will count for her.

When I woke up – I found that someone STOLE my picture and posted it as their own. Hopefully whoever is in charge will realize its obviously the SAME photo and that I had posted it looong before!

Winner is announced tomorrow.. so we’ll see what happens 🙂

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