Last night I went up to Foxwoods Casino’s MGM Grand Theater to check out David Cook. It was my 4th time seeing him and I think the farthest back I’ve ever been to see him. (And the farthest back I’ve been at a show lately!) But that didn’t matter, I knew I would be rocking out even if I was in the very last show of the venue (but I was thankful that I was not in the last row)

The opening act was Green River Ordinance, whom I was familiar with from January’s Rock Boat. I wanted to get their CD after the show – but their set went over SO well it was sold out! I’ll have to get it on their website or iTunes I guess!

David and his band took the stage to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” and started the set off with Heroes. He talked after just about every song. Once he heard someone say it was their birthday so he said “I hope your birthdays wicked rad” in a Boston accent. Then someone else said it was their birthday so he asked for the house lights to go up and said if its your birthday raise your hand. A LOT of people did so then he was like “You’re lying!” and started laughing and repeated “Youre lying!! I refuse to believe that many people in this section were conceived nine months ago”

I think that this was one of the larger shows that he had played on this tour. (We were show #95) He talked about how during soundcheck he looked up at the balcony and all the seats in the front and was wondering what they’d look like filled up. Now that he saw it – it was a lot of people.

I think he could have just talked to us the whole night and I would have been just as satisfied, he is so funny!

After Kiss On The Neck, which was dedicated to the single people in the crowd, he decided to share this gem with us: (Which I got on video, but the picture of it is really blurry so I’m not sure I’ll bother uploading it… plus he seemed so embarrassed its probably best to not have video evidence of this out there lol)

“For dinner tonight I had a waffle, couple eggs, some hasbrowns, some toast, 3 sodas, a milkshake… and im paying for it right now.. during that song i was like [makes burping noises]…. why did i just tell that to this entire audience? The sound guys is going ‘abort man, abort! get out of this conversation right now!’ If anything this should tell you, this show is not scripted. What the hell am I talking about?”

Then he went into a cover of Cutting Crew’s “(I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight” and said that for the younger crowd it’s not a Jonas Brothers song, but it’s close.

During a quiet moment early in the show he said he was going to share “something important” with us, which led someone to scream “DAVID COOK FOR PRESIDENT” which totally made him lose his train of thought. He said he would probably not run for president. And I don’t think he ever did end up telling us anything important. haha.

Completely overwhelmed by the number of people there to see him, he shared a story about one of his first gigs in Kansas City. They were paid $100 to play for 3 hours. They learned 30 songs figuring that 3 minutes a song the math would work out. Except they played the set in an hour and a half and had to play the whole set over again the fill the 3 hours. ( 3 x 30 = 90 minutes, david!)

As always, David put on a great show and this show really took the bad taste out of my mouth that I kind of associated with his shows after the whole Toads Place drama. I can’t wait to see him again! (And I’m totally bummed he has 2 shows and a signing in NYC this week – but I don’t think I can coordinate my work schedule enough to go! Bummer!)


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