I feel like I should say something about the passing of Michael Jackson. I wouldn’t call myself a “fan”, I think I’m too young to have known him at his prime – but I must say that the man was immensely talented and it’s a shame that the latter part of his career was overtaken by matters of his personal life. (Speculation which I doubt will end even after his death)

I can remember one year during Christmas break when my dad was going through old VHS tapes that he had recorded. He found Thriller and had us all watch it. Impressed with the music video, we asked if we could watch it again, once our friends came over for a New Years Eve party. Now, in addition to the original VHS, there is video of us all sitting on the couch intently watching the music video – with pillows on our lap – just in case it got a bit too scary for us. Later, my dad got “scolded” by our friends dad, as our friend had nightmares from the music video!

So many people are going on about how their childhood is dead but really, aside from that one memory I posted above, I don’t really recall listening to him. I know most of his popular singles – but when American Idol did Michael Jackson night there were some songs I had never heard before. I am obviously saddened by the loss, but it hasn’t hit me as hard as it has many others.

I can’t forget mentioning the Free Willy song that my cousin taught me on piano, but all I managed to remember was the first 7 notes or so.. and proceeded to drive everyone crazy playing them over and over again. (And then once again when I figured out how to play them on my recorder!)

Either way, MJ was a huge presence in the music industry, having influenced many, many, many of the bands/artists/groups/etc that I listen to today and countless others that I don’t pay any attention to. He will be missed.

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