June 6, 2009


SayNow is this cool new voicemail program that a lot of musicians have been using. What happens is, they update their message and then all their “subscribers” get texts to let them know there is a new message. They can then call and hear the message and leave a voicemail for the artist as well.

SOMETIMES, the artist can hook the say now up to their own phones and go LIVE.

Today, Alex and Andrew of Honor Society did just that! And I got through!! The call was a little less than 4 minutes, but we talked about a lot – most important of course though, was them saying that they miss Lauren and I since they are on the west coast. awwww.

When I mentioned going to 5 shows in 6 days Alex was like “WHAAAT!?” completely shocked and Andrew said he was glad we’d be road trippin’ again this summer to see them since we did it a lot last summer and that he was glad we were still with them.

Aww, such sweet boys 🙂 They totally made my day.

Is it July 17 yet?

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