6/21/09 – Demi Lovato, David Archuleta, KSM

I feel like first I need to start off by saying how thankful I was that I had stashed a pair of earplugs in my bag at some point. As I walked into the venue, a little girl screamed in my ear. I’m not sure WHY she was screaming either, she was only waiting in line for merch. The whole way to my seat I was just hoping that I might find a set of ear plugs in my bag and as soon as I sat down I found them.

Also worth noting is the fact that I pulled up row C one day on ticketmaster and bought it thinking it was 3rd row near the stage. Not too shabby. Except, when I got to my section the usher told me it was the first row, all the way at the bottom! There were a few feet a couple of chairs and then the catwalk! It was front row, not 3rd! How exciting.

Up and coming group KSM was on first. I had heard a bit about them because they had been opening for Honor Society out in California. They are a rocking girl band and I really liked their style (though I’m not sure I could pull it off) They did 3 songs, one being “I Want You To Want Me” the theme song from the new TV show – 10 Things I Hate About You based off the movie. (too soon?) They also had green beach balls with their logo lined up at the front of the stage which the lead singer kicked out into the crowd every once in a while. It seemed like more people were just grabbing these as keepsakes rather than hitting them around and playing with them, but I really can’t talk because I probably would have done the same thing.

After their set was over, they put a huge curtain in front of the stage. Fortunately from my seats I could see behind the curtain and saw that David was just standing on stage for a bit before the curtain dropped. At this point, the ear plugs went in and I again thanked my lucky stars for having them as the two girls behind me were apparently being murdered by David Archuleta’s voice. I get screaming (to a certain extend) but they really needed to work on coming up with a sound different than “OMG IM BEING KILLED!” when they really meant to be sending the message “OMG ITS DAVID ARCHULETA!” across.

David really gets into his performance. He puts his whole body into hitting those notes, which is really cool. At the same time, he seems to completely ignore that there are tons and tons of girls screaming and reaching for him all around him. There was one girl with a rose and it was being waved basically right in front of his face and he never grabbed it or even acknowledged it. Not amused, the girl finally just threw it at him and I think it landed on the catwalk. I don’t recall him ever picking it up!

David did 8 songs, including Apologize which he had previously performed on Idol. He said it was his first time every accompanying himself on piano for the song. He seemed a bit nervous, but he did just fine.

After David left the stage, it was time for a 20 minute intermission. First Demi’s band took the stage and played for a bit. Her guitar players were a little bit TOO into it in the beginning and were totally blocking my view of her. Finally they calmed down a bit and stayed back. (And one had on a suit jacket and had pit stains on it like 2 songs in. I’m all for looking good but if you know youre going to be sweating like a pig, maybe wear something more comfortable that breathes?)

I love Demi, but I wasn’t really into it because she did too many new songs. I wanted to sing along more than I did, but I didn’t know any of the songs or the words. Plus it being the first show of the tour, I couldn’t have even watched videos to try and figure out the words. Oh well, guess I will just have to try and catch the show again after the album is released.

She really worked the stage, she was all over all 3 catwalks. (The ones on the further ends went back 4 rows, and I think the one in the middle only went back 2) She used all 3 staircases on the stage, played several guitars and piano. The first time she played the piano, it wasn’t really pushed out far enough so I could see her beyond the bar that was around the stage. The second time, I noticed 2 roadies pushing the piano out further. And here I thought it was all rigged up to move on its own! Nope! Just good old fashioned man-power.

After 18 songs she left the stage for what seemed like a LONG time for a break before the encore. A lot of people were leaving. I don’t get the point of leaving to “beat the traffic” and miss what usually are the best songs of the night. Demi came back out in a cute, but short, pink dress and sang “Don’t Forget” and “Get Back” My whole section was rocking, literally. The seating section was temporary so it really moved as the teenies jumped up and down. I was hoping I wouldn’t get sea sick.

With help from my friend Christine, I made it up the stairs and retraced my steps back to my car in the parking lot. (The only down side to going to shows alone – no one else to help you remember where you parked! I really should get that app for my blackberry!) I waited a bit for the traffic to clear out a bit and made it home by 11:30. Without much help of my stupid GPS who decided to turn itself off because I was trying to set it up inside the parking garage so I wouldn’t have to hit buttons while I was driving.

David and Demi setlists and photos under the cut!

David’s Setlist:
A Little Too Not Over You
Waiting For Yesterday
My Hands
You Can
Works For Me
Touch My Hand
Don’t Let Go
To Be With You
Zero Gravity

Demi’s Setlist:
So Far So Great
Get Caught
You Got Nothing On Me
Catch Me
Until Youre Mine
Cant Stop The World
Two Worlds
Natural Woman
Behind Enemy Lines
Everytime You Lie
Remember December
Here We Go Again

Don’t Forget
Get Back

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