Friday night, Big Time Rush played their 2nd show on the Forever Tour at the Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater in Bridgeport, CT. (Will that ever not be confusing?)  Connecticut born Dixie D’Amelio opened the night and I am absolutely too old to have any idea who the heck she is. (The mom next to me was reading on her kindle throughout her performance which probably wasn’t a bad idea considering the amount of books I need to get a move on to read and review)

Although the fashion made me think I was back in the ’90s, I knew I was in the ’20s when there was a sea of phone cameras were held up anticipating the curtain in the front of the stage to drop and for Big Time Rush to take the stage.  I opted to take a photo of it with my… actual camera.  No doubt one of only a very few in possession of anyone in the crowd.  (Several tour photographers were out and about however with theirs)  They started with “Windows Down” which samples Blur’s “Song 2” which I remember vividly from 1997 and I honestly wonder how many of these girls jumping around and screaming the “woohoos” were even alive then.  (I heard one of the girls next to me say the last time she saw them was 10 years ago when she was in 4th grade.  I was much older than that the last time I saw them, also about 10 years ago)  I also need to direct some of these girls to check out some *NSYNC performance videos because the dance moves they were cheering for, while I appreciated the choreography, were mediocre at best. (Though I was impressed by James feeling the need to jump all over the platform and not use the stairs – especially since he was seen wearing a knee brace in rehearsal photos.)

Not included in the set is in the acoustic breakdown when they did a medley of songs with Carlos playing the ukelele.  Carlos did Na Na Na, Kendall morphed it into CeeLo Green’s “Forget You”, Logan decided it sounded more like Sublime’s “What I Got” and James… well he started singing “I’m Too Sexy” which made Logan jump up in front of him when he started to take of his shirt.

Big Time Rush played for nearly 2 hours, the amphitheater was absolutely PACKED and they even went out in the crowd for a song with Kendall and James ending up dancing on one of the Dugout bars which I don’t think was part of the plan considering they had platforms out in the crowd for them.  Also of note, they had a T-Shirt cannon, but Logan and Carlos opted to throw a shirt out into the crowd by hand – both of them landing with the same person which made Carlos fall to the ground laughing.   What are the odds?  They also brought out a boombox to which one of them said, “Hey there’s a cassette inside!” and one of the others quipped, “no idea what that is.”  Cmon boys, I already felt enough like a grandma in that crowd lol

Sorry not sorry for all the James pics. I clearly have a favorite.

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