Last night, Stephen Kellogg brought his Sad Songs, Funny Stories tour to Stage One in Fairfield.  For this show, all attendees were required to either be vaccinated or have a negative covid test to attend.  I had on my N99 and another disposable mask over top, so I am hoping that was my best line of defense.  (Guess we’ll fine out when I have to test negative to get to Jamaica in 10 days. eek.)

SK started his set with a medley of The Open Heart, Glassjaw Boxer and Irish Goodbye and teased that what if the whole show was like that and he just did a couple lines of all of his songs and then said it was over.  The show was broken up into 4, possibly 5, acts: Life, Love, Family and Legacy. The 5th act would be the encore.  While the set was short, there was a lot more stories than usual (although apparently we got a more edited version because his wife and kids were in the audience)  He also played the Foreigner song “Hot Blooded” and told us to listen to the lyrics closely and think about them in terms of today.  If you haven’t, you should. It’s probably more entertaining with Stephen explaining it, but most of it you can probably figure out for yourself.

I was happy that he ended his Legacy set with one of my favorites, My Favorite Place and I really liked his new song, It Goes Fast.  Closing out the year with an SK show is a tradition of sorts so I am glad that he ended up bookending my 2021 concert experience and being my first and last CT shows in 2021.

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