As someone who has been in a male dominated work environment for over 10 years, I wasn’t sure if this book was going to be of any assistance to me – it might have contained a whole bunch of things I already knew or learned (probably the hard way) but I did end up enjoying it and the tips that are given throughout on how to deal with different situations that may come up.  The corporate world is a bit different than the world that I have been working in, but dudes are dudes.

This would be a great gift to any female who will be graduating and joining the work force soon, as so many occupations seem to (still) be male dominated.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.

About the book

This book is a guide for women who rise through the corporate ranks and find themselves side by side with men facing unchartered gender challenges. It is based on the mistakes I made , lessons I learned and rules for the following generations. It is raw, relatable and honest. It has colorful language, self-depracating humor and realistic rules for women. I expect it will make men and women uncomfortable and open up a dialogue. I review my 20 years in the medical device industry and reveal my most poignant experiences and lessons. It is all about my involvement with men, and observing how they function in a corporate setting. The book opens with the definition of the dick clique and the activities that they engage in. It is followed by chapters such as attending strip joints, being bullied, being disrespected, engaging in self doubt, protecting your female brand, finding female allies, and becoming a dick. The book ends with finding solutions. What can we do to make this better for women and disband the dick clique