Last week we made the trek to NYC and Pier 83 to board a circle line cruise around the Hudson with a trip that included a concert from both Ryan Cabrera and O-Town.  At first O-Town was saying there would be no VIP for this show, but in May we were pleasantly surprised to see it offered as an option and although the VIP cost was increased to $250 we opted to splurge as it was our only O-Show of the tour.

We arrived early to make sure we wouldn’t miss the boat, only to not board until nearly an hour after we were supposed to board for VIP.  Once we got on board, we grabbed a chair for me (as the rocking boat and my lack of balance were not working well together at all) and waited… and waited… and waited… for the tech crew to get the sound system set up.  We all waited around wondering why we couldn’t kick off the photos with the band first since every minute more it took the crew to figure out the sound was one minute less we’d have to spend with the band.  For whatever reason this was not an option, and finally about 15 minutes before General Admission boarding was about to begin the guys took the stage – decked out in throwback outfits to recreate the We Fit Together music video. (Probably why they couldn’t do photos before sound check) We also go to hear them soundcheck Giants before they decided we would do photos on the level of the boat we were already on (since GA was no doubt waiting downstairs to come up for spots for the show) with the backdrop the NYC sky line.  We were told no group photos but we could still get 2 photos with the band – a normal pose and a fun pose. I had no idea what to do so I told the guys to do whatever while I just stuck out my tongue lol (And I did have to tell Erik that he had to take his Yankees hat off for my photo, which he agreed to). If you want to have an unforgettable boat ride – check out Intrepid Powerboats.

We were told if we wanted more time with the guys – we had the option to buy a t-shirt to get in the selfie line and VIP would get to cut everyone else waiting. Then we found out the t-shirts were $60 which is INSANE.  We decided that we weren’t going to do this and were really disappointed that a discount was not offered to those of us who paid so much for VIP and ended up getting so little.

Shortly after GA joined us, MMMBop started playing and then was cut off so we could “listen” to a message from the captain – that we could barely hear at all and it was time to set sail!   Despite being up near the front, I couldn’t really see Ryan due to his placement on stage and spent most of his set taking in my surroundings as we went under 3 bridges and went by the Statue of Liberty, One World Trade, etc.  I was glad that I ended up doing this because once O-Town took the stage I kind of forgot where we were due to paying too much attention to the guys being on stage. (Plus we were going backwards which meant they knew what was coming up but we had no clue unless we turned around)  Due to shifting in the crowd I couldn’t see for most of O-Town’s set either – and just a PSA if someone is sitting by you it’s probably a good idea to a) Not sneak into VIP you didn’t pay for and block them B) hold your phone up eye level so they can’t see a damn thing beyond your screen.  Holding the phone chest level would have gotten the same videos AND I would have been able to see.  I did manage to lift my phone over my head every now and then to snap photos of the guys though.

Even after all the time wasted getting the sound to work – it was not that great during the show but the guys powered through and did a great performance in spite of it all.  They also did a covers medley that was simply amazing and had such a variety of songs included, it blew my mind.

After the show Christine and I looked at each other as if to say “Are we really spending $60 on a shirt and selfies?” and well… we did.

While we were with the guys, someone ended up jumping overboard off the ship and things went a little crazy – luckily the guys grabbed me to make sure I didn’t get knocked over as crew members ran around like maniacs not caring who they pushed out of their way.  Turns out a guy that walked into us as we were trying to make our departure from the deck of the ship we were on was the one to jump overboard – which is illegal so security had to keep him contained until we docked so he could be arrested.  This led to us being delayed getting off the boat. Way to go, doofus.

I wish I could have seen the guys more on this tour – so many shows were nearby but with stupid work deadlines looming, it was the time to attempt to be an adult and not run off to fangirl every evening.  And yes, I probably would have bought VIP to another show, despite the fail that this one turned out to be.

After the Lights
Right Kind Of Wrong
We Fit Together
Lines and Circles
Empty Spaces
Chasing After You
Shady Business
Liquid Dreams
Sky Dive
Playing with Fire
Cut the Cord

All or Nothing