I’ve done HTV (heat transfer vinyl) using only one color to make myself and others a few shirts, but for my trip to Disney for Halloween I decided it was time to move on to 2+ colors on a shirt!  My friend decided she wanted the witch hat and I opted to go for sorcerer mickey. (Both with a Hanson symbol, for good measure)  When I went to purchase the vinyl I realized that I could use GLITTER vinyl.  At first I was just going to use it for the stars on the mickey hat, but then decided, what the heck, let’s glitter all of  BOTH hats.  It looks amazing in person.   It wasn’t much different than just doing one color but you do have to be careful because it is not recommended to do glitter vinyl layered on top of glitter vinyl.  I had the shapes cut out of the sorcerer’s hat to make sure that the moon and stars would not be a problem.